Thursday, 7 January 2010

Rush Jobs

It's week two of the CZ Class and it's been a mad rush to complete them in the time I allotted myself. Must give myself more allowance next week. Though I think my You layout is okay, the Beach Culture is a bit poor. Done again, I would switch a couple of photos over and found a more dynamic colour combo. However it is as it is and it does record another memory for my album.

In fact both these layouts are about events just before Xmas (& I have just noticed a date is wrong so will go and correct. It's those little things that slip through the net when hastily putting LOs together). The first is a wonderful afternoon I spent with my talented friend Neet & her lovely partner Ches. I think we all felt like kids at Christmas that day. The other is about a trip out to see the Gormleys. Nick had seen them a few times but I had never found the opportunity. And having nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon, it seemed like a perfect way to pass the time.

Okay - note to self - next Thursday - slow down & give self more time!


Michele said...

Fab photo of you and Neet - looks like you had a great time! x

Anonymous said...

Love both of them, Paul! (And you are streets ahead of me on the CZ class front!. Are they digital? Is the one of you and Neet 8.5x11 or A4? Sorry to be so nosey! Am always interested and admiring of your creative process! :) x alexa

Paul B said...

Ask any questions you want Alexa :) The pages are all going to be A4 for the DYL course. For me, it'll look neater than at all different sizes as it was last time. Plus it's easier to be plastic envelopes and folders over here. The finished LOs are all paper based but were pieced together on a computer first using InDesign. However, after taking your challenge the other week, I dont choose colours digitally. I print out the photos then look through my papers to find something that suits. So you've helped influence me already haha

Neet said...

Ooh heck! Paul! What you find when you try playing catch up on a friend's blog.