Saturday, 9 January 2010

Housey Housey

Yup, life's back to normal and blog challenges have begun again. My CZ class has taken up most of my creative time but I have managed to squeeze a Play Date Cafe challenge in.

I decided to try out another house/box template from a book I bought before Xmas. Thing is, when I reduced it down to fit on an A4 sheet, it end up being minuscule. I mean, it looks cute and dinky and all that but there's not a lot of room to add decoration. Not unless I scaled everything down and brought out some extra strong eye glasses to see with.

The cafe chose neutrals and metallics this week which was an interesting mix. Black, white, silver and gold. A lovely combination but I never seem to make gold & silver work for me. In my hands, they become cheap and chintzy so I rarely use them. However, if a challenge demands it, you're at it's mercy. So I gave it a go and I ended up with this. I like the house template and want to try it again but a little bigger than something which fits into the palm of my hand next time and has perhaps more colour.


CelticWoman said...

Paul, I don't think cheap and chintzy, me thinks a truffle or two and very classy, thanks so much for challenging with us this week at the Play Date Cafe. Sandi

Anne Jagger said...

I love its dinkiness, and it's elegance. Big thank you for your generous comment. Hugs, Anne x

Julie Ranae said...

I'm with you, Paul in that I am rarely happy with what I do when I try to put gold and silver together...I often find that I end up using one as a background or even a tiny layer and one as the focal point.

I LOVE the box. I am not so much a template girl, so I am really inspired when I see other use them so successfully, no matter what the size! : )

Michele said...

Definitely not 'cheap and chintzy' - great use of the colours x