Saturday, 23 January 2010

If you can't stand the heat

and boy it was hot this particular year in Southern France. So hot, a larger than your average forest fire was started near to where we were staying. It's my only experience of a fire of this nature and I vividly recall how frighteningly fast the flames we saw at the top of a hill in front of us became flames at the bottom of the hill only a few metres away, in just a few minutes. We drove off sharpish in the opposing direction I can tell you.

So this is the LO for the Real World Colour part of Cathy's course. I'm kinda used to having a selection of colours presented to play with these days so I'm a bit more blase this time around. However, I still found it tough to work in five colours in a Lo given over to mostly photographs and text. There wasn't exactly a lot of available space in which to use the five. Hence the rather odd, out of place circular embellishments on the left hand side.

And as a little BTW, friends have indicated to me that they have had trouble trying to leave their kind comments. And I love hearing from anyone who is sweet enough to take the time to do so. So I have tinkered again with the blog and hope the problem is fixed. Many humble apologies to anyone who had problems :) I'm amazed anyone would take the time and I am extremely grateful to all my bloggy friends, readers and followers. Hugs to you all :)


Anonymous said...

Gosh, that looks scary! Great LO though and unusual colour choice that really works! Glad you're still enjoying DYL! So, about to click and see if this saves, this time! :0 x alexa

Michele said...

Scary stuff! I like the way you've incorporated all of the colours into the LO - don't think the circles look out of place at all x

Eileen said...

I think I would have been heading away VERY fast!

I find these colour challenges you are doing fascinating, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try any myself!

Lets see if I'm going to be allowed to post ....

kjjc said...

lovely colours. what an experience.