Friday, 22 January 2010

My goodness! Where did the week go?

I haven't posted since Sunday? Wow, the last few days have flown by. Been, busy, busy, busy. Good job I had already done some prep work on the Cathy Z course or I'd be slipping behind.

Anyway, this week is all about repetition again. The idea is to produce a layout and then a mini album but really, who has the time? So given that I'd already made a mini book last time around and that I think I've fully understood the idea, I thought I'd go ahead and make a tweak. In it's place I've produced a double LO only but still using the basic outlay. This way, it'll fit tidily into my A4 album alongside the rest of the pages.

And yes, it's another LO with cats. Or at least, one cat in particular who seems to get an awful lot of attention. Cannot believe he's ten years old. Feels like we've only had him half that time. A sign that I'm getting old when time flies by at this break neck speed.

The other LO has to be an all time favourite memory. I can't tell you how much I loved these sweets. It wasn't just about the sweets, it was the time and the place. Summer days. Holidays at my Nan's. Playing in fields. Living carefree, young lives. The adventures that were conjured up in our imaginations. Such fond, wonderful memories all come alive in my mind when I think of this tube of flavoured boiled candy.

And yes, I'm still cutting up and using 12x12 patterned paper. And no I still haven't bought any more. But craft fair season is soon upon us. Will I remain strong willed in the next few weeks? Unlikely but I'll cross my fingers all the same.


Michele said...

omg Double Agents - I loved them! I collected the wrappers and then sent off for the spy kit, then spent many happy afternoons dusting for finger prints in our shed LOL! Totally forgotten about them, so thanks for the 'happy memories' trigger. (Fab LOs too btw x)

Cath Wilson said...

Not sure how good a spy you'd be, Paul, lol - you're a bit too flamboyant, he, he!! I don't remember those sweets, which is unusual for me cos my Nana had a Grocer's shop and my Aunt a Newsagent's, so I was up to date on most sweets and toffee, lol. There again, I'm a tad older than you are - just a tad of course, ROFL.