Thursday, 14 January 2010

What are little boys made of?

Well in my case, I don't recall slugs or puppy dog tails but I certainly spent my growing teen years eating bucket loads of snails in restaurants.

Yes it's Thursday and the CZ class continues. This week we are on to the principle of repetition. It's so nice and relaxed to sit back in my office chair with a hot brew, watching Cathy's videos. For me that's the most important part of the workshop. That's the bit which refreshes the grey cells in my brain. You know, the small area which is reserved for all my creative knowledge haha.

Anyway, once I'd indulged in this little refresher, the work began. I allowed myself a better chunk of time to make today's LOs. It's no mean feat to produce two LOs from inception to hard copy in only a few hours but I'm not complaining 'cos it's huge fun and better than having to sit in an office on a Thursday.

Plus, to update, I've hacked into even more 12x12 paper and so far this year, I remain at zero purchased. Haha, post CHA, I'll feel so sanctimonious, I'll undo all the good work and have a blow out with the new releases lol.


Rachel said...

Paul, why black out the title? Best ongoing sketch from Little Britain ever... :)

Michele said...

Fab LOs! I'm very impressed with the amount of great stuff you're producing at the moment - I need some of your mojo to rub off on me.

Neet said...

Fab Paul - you are certainly doing some great pages at the moment - this is (pardon the word) awesome!