Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Bigger The Better

Another week on Emphasis with Cathy Z. This time around, the assignments including one photograph considerably larger than all the rest, giving it the required emphasis. Putting into practice what we learnt.

The first LO is a recent class photo that my parents dug out from behind a cabinet in their house. I'd forgotten it existed. I've blurred out the names out of respect as where memory serves me, I've used their whole name. The second LO is a bunch of professional photos taken many, many ,many moons ago. Seemed a shame not to use them.

The final LO is the Real World Colour challenge. Only two colours this week; blue & brown. And it's about my poor Mum who whenever she ate a cake on vacation had a camera stuck in her face to remind her. She always moaned when she saw the resulting slide show that she always seemed to be eating in all her shots. If that happened to me, Nick's camera would suddenly fall into a million pieces in my hand, quite by accident you understand lol.


Michele said...

Fab LOs, Paul! Like the way you've featured individual people, from the group shot, in the top LO x

Anne Jagger said...

What great layouts, I love them all. Fabulous. X

kjjc said...

wow. love that photo shoot. How young and handsome you were. Wasted paul wasted.

Anonymous said...

Oh, loving especially that one of you and Darren - handsome pair or what! As for the slim? You will be again. :) x alexa