Sunday, 14 February 2010

E M P H A S I S ! ! !

Another brilliant lesson from Cathy Z, all about the principle of Emphasis. It's not something I think consciously about anymore, I guess I'm always aware of ensuring I have a focal point. However, it's nice to be reminded of it now and again to make sure I'm concentrating and awake when designing.

The Hedghog LO may have a dodgy quality photo in it but it's all we have. The bw image is downoloaded from the net. Hedghogs are cute, full stop, but when it's a Mother with five of her babies, it's even cuter. And it's a rare event you just don't see very often. We'd love to have more in the garden and try our best to create an environment for them but alas not much joy over the years.

The Balls LO is about a day trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year. Wonderful geometric sculptures that seemed to breath. Highly skilled and technical, they were all hypnotically beautiful to look at, touch and be around.

The final LO is for the Real World Colour assignment. Orange is not a normal hue I'd use and I'm still not overly happy with having it incorporated into this design but hey, I didn't choose it. And it documents a tale similar to the hedgehogs in that A it's about our garden wildlife and B something you don't see everyday.

My folder is beginning to look quite full now that I'm over half way through. I have a feeling I'll need to rush out and buy another. Loving how neat it looks with all the LOs at A4. Glad I made that decision at the beginning of this course :)

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Michele said...

3 fab LOs! I especially love the Hedgehog one - it doesn't matter about the quality of the photos, it's the memory that's important x