Friday, 19 March 2010

Charity Shop Frame Upcycled

I bought a couple of small frames from a local charity shop a while back, which have been sitting in my craft room waiting for me to alter. I dug them out recently one evening, after sitting at my craft table, pondering what project to start next. I glanced over my stash for inspiration and saw a couple of Oliver Twists Creative Play Packs which I'd purchased a couple of years ago. I had the best of intentions when I bought them but instead they've been put to one side for a rainy day. Well, I decided, that rainy day had arrived. And that's when I grabbed my charity frame finds.

I pulled the frames apart, cleaned and sanded them down and gave each a coat of black gesso. I applied several coats of metallic blue and purple paints in alternating layers. I took the coloured paper in the play packs and folded them around the pictures which came in the frames.

When everything was dried, I pulled apart some strands of coloured woollen thread mix and laid it down over the back of the frame's glass. I squashed this down with the background layer and attached the frames' backings. Now both pieces have a serendipitous, abstract appeal to them. I've only photographed one here, to show how it turned out but it's nice how both frames are the same with just a slight difference in how the green fibres positioned themselves.

The original pictures and frames, I wouldn't give house room to but the up-cycled, coloured abstract frames will now be given proud wall space. Not sure where yet mind, as the house is being decorated as I type. Decisions on what to hang and where will be made once the fresh new licks of paint have dried.

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Michele said...

Well done you on the 'up-cycling' - gorgeous colours xx