Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Final Lesson from Cathy Z

Yes, it's all over. 12 weeks of slogging away has finally come to an end. I have a beautiful and full folder full of A4 LOs. Very different in character to the first one I made when I took her class back in 2008. I've come a long way since then. I'm fully embracing the clean and simple aspect of design these days. And I've realised that scrapbooks, for me, are different to any other crafting I make. Less is more for in in LOs.

Anyhow, the first LO recalls the time my younger brother dragged up for stage. A useful LO to remind him of a time before he got his thrills ice climbing on mountains.

The second LO is one of the simplest, cleanest ones yet. Lots of wonderful white space.

And finally, for the last Real World Colour, I dug out a picture of the darkroom I used to have. The place I spent my late teens and early adulthood. Old, antique equipment I found in the attic, which belonged to my father. I did invest in a much better projector later on but sadly no pictures of it. Nowadays, with the invention of digital photography, none of this is required anymore. All my darkroom skills are in photoshop these days.

Whew, I'm creatively wiped out. That's plenty of LOs to be getting on with for a while. Now what will my next project be I wonder?

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Michele said...

Congrats on completing the 12 weeks. Time well spent, with 3 more fab LOs. Particularly like the 'bubbles' LO - very striking against the white background. Love the bubble stamp x