Sunday, 7 March 2010

Colour is Cool

This week was Cathy's time to tell us all about colour. I knew most of it already being that in design, colour is the one aspect I'm passionate about. I've books and books on the theory of colour. But she still had something to teach me. I was reminded of her technique for selecting a colour combo from photos, which I'd completely forgotten about.

The first LO is my first cat, Boots. I've scrapped all my cats except this one (mmm perhaps there's one more, the old puss, Jinx, who was around when I was born). He was a scratty runt of a cat who was pampered and spoiled rotten by the whole family.

The second LO alludes to the title Hinge & Bracket used to give themselves. It's about Mum's longest and closest friend who said something recently that made me well up. Not hard to do, I'm an old softy really. Yes I Am! Don't argue!

And speaking of soppy, the third LO is perhaps the soppiest one I've ever created. Wouldn't show it to Nick unless he was staggeringly drunk and would forget the next morning haha. Blame Cathy, she insisted the design be about gratitude.


kjjc said...

my goodness Paul. what can I say. Great lo. Great sentiment.

JillythePink said...

You've inspired me to honour my beloved fur babies - past & present - in fabulous colour themed lo's.
... and treasured friends too.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Keeeeep crafting.
LoL, Jilly x

Michele said...

Fab LOs, Paul. I love the journalling about Nick - beautifully worded x