Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Birthdays are Brill (esp when they're someone elses)

It's Neet's birthday!!!! And over on her blog you'll find not only all the beautiful handmade cards she received today but a generous blog candy - so bob on over, you never know your luck.

I, of course, was thrown into a mild panic as by being away last week (have I mentioned I've been to Paris, really? I have? Once or twice haha!) I completely missed my calender alert to forthcoming birthdays. So Sunday morning I set time aside to make a card for my crafty friend.

It's a bit cutesy and totally not her style (however I'm sure it'll tickle her with how disgracefully girly I made it). However, the inspiration came from a wonderful favour she did me by bringing home some clear stamp sets, all the way from America. I grabbed the first one, which had cupcakes on it and stamped away. Before I knew what I was doing, the darn thing had pink colours and glitter on it. I kept it clean and simple with lots of white space - literally. But I like it like that. I didn't want to clutter it up.

Having studied minimalism in my art history class last night and reflecting on the art I preferred viewing in the galleries last week, I'm beginning to realise that in aesthetics, I'm a minimalist at heart (okay you wouldn't think it to look at our house but baby steps! One day I'll declutter to the point you won't guffaw at that statement).

So it only remains for me to say one more time - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Neet xxxxxx


Michele said...

omg pink AND glitter lol! What has happened to you?
Lovely card, Paul. Happy Birthday Neet :) x

Carol Q said...

love the uncluttered simplicity of this!

Neet said...

thank you Paul - for the lovely words and the girly birthday card which I adore. Hadn't realised it was with the stamps I brought over for you. Can't believe you did pink - and glitter!
Am sat here enjoying my books today between gazing at my cards and doing a bit of catching up on blog hopping.
Love you to bits.

Anonymous said...

wonderfully clean and it - I actually dont thnk its that girly!

Cath Wilson said...

Looks great, Paul and I'm sure Neet will love it :)