Sunday, 14 March 2010

What's your Type?

This week's lesson from Cathy Z is all about her favourite aspect in design, type. It's something I know about instinctively but couldn't tell you why I think something works better than another etc. However, this week, reminded me why type works or why it can fail.

The first LO was done late at night so is perhaps a bit more sentimental than I normally do but hey, it's out there and done now. It's a basic LO but I'm happy with that. Love the return of white space in it.

The second LO required us to use type that was hidden away in our stash, hence the painted chipboard alphas. It's all about my fun, if slightly bonkers aunt, (well whilst she was married to my uncle anyway). Yes I know it's irritating when I blur out text but let's just say she was wild when I took her out for a night in Manchester many years ago.

Finally, it's about time I created a LO (for real world colour) about my dear friend Anne Grace, a lady whom I used to do gardening for. I did it during my year at sixth form instead of sport and continued to see her on a weekly basis even after I left, up until the time she was so ill, she moved to live at her daughter's house. I think hers was the first funeral I'd ever attended. A wonderful lady who should have been a good example of why it was bad to smoke. That reality was totally ignored by me.


Michele said...

Fab LOs, Paul. I love the stories they tell - great journalling! x

Neet said...

Can begin by saying "you are my type" as I love our friendship.

Great LO's, love the chipboard lettering on no 2 and your dear old friend on LO 3 looks lovely.

Anne Jagger said...

I wish I could do layouts like you Paul. X

Ruby said...

Great LO's Paul! I love the journalling you've done. I should do more scrapbooking, I haven't done it for ages :o)

Thanks for your reply about Papertrey Ink earlier!