Monday, 12 July 2010

Bling it On!

For once, I think I've pulled it off. There's something about glitter and glitz in crafting that I have previously failed to master. I mean, I love a touch of the ol' glam as an aesthetic and I'm all for going over the top and breaking out with some drama but I haven't ever made it work for me. Until I made this card anyway.

I finally used stash which sparkles to create a crafty project I'm actually pleased with. It doesn't come across as tacky or crass which is how it normally ends up in my creative hands. I don't know how I did it and I'm not going to over analyse it. It was fun to put together and that's all that counts.


JoZart said...

That's just gorgeous! I'd love to see the glitz for real as it doesn't look sparkly on the screen, but I'll believe you!! Great card, layout, colour scheme.
Jo x

Michele said...

Wow - gorgeous card, Paul! Love the glitz and the fab colours you've used. x

Ann-Katrin said...

Oh, beautiful card. Love the colors and the details!