Saturday, 10 July 2010

I Should Be So Lucky! Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!

Sorry, but it's a Kylie moment I'm having. She's fierce, she's mighty, she's a golden girl, she's Aphrodite. ENOUGH! I hear you yell.

Okay, calming down, deep breath in. But I'm in such a high old mood. Yesterday I received a wonderful and extremely generous parcel from Sue as a thank you. It was completely unexpected. My lovely friend Michele had been roped in to help but she revealed nothing. All I knew was that someone wanted to send me something And I thought I knew who but guessed it completely wrong.

And who wouldn't want their Friday morning to be interrupted by the postman delivering an envelope filled with 8x8 patterned papers, not one, not two but three sets of stamps, ribbon, chipboard borders and fleur de lis embellishments? And then there's the beautiful card with all it's detail and patience. I am one lucky so and so.

To all who were involved in this surprise, thank you ever so much. It really made my day!


Dotpat said...

Well lucky you Paul, a lovely surprise

Michele said...

You are very lucky, lucky, lucky - fab goodies and gorgeous card! x

Stephanie Kraft said...

Happy Mail.. gotta love it!!

Suzanne C said...

So glad you enjoyed your surprise! It made my day that you enjoyed it so much!