Sunday, 26 September 2010

Courage of my Convictions

Yesterday I argued that some colour schemes are more pleasing than others, especially if they follow certain design principles. Well, I thought afterwards it would be interesting to see what would happen if I did indeed alter the scheme used.

I opted for a Triadic colour scheme. If you've not come across this term, it's when you look at a colour wheel and use three of the colours which are equidistant from each other. In this example, they are Yellow-Green, Blue-Violet and Red-Orange. These are also known as the Tertiary colours (Primary colours are red, yellow and blue. Mix any two of these and you have Secondary colours. Mixing the secondary & primary results in a Tertiary).

Now, with the addition of a red-orange, the lime-green colour is less dominant. Previously, it was the lightest colour and had a stronger contrast against the blue. Your eye was drawn to it completely. The orange now pulls the attention away from the lime and brings a more equal balance.

Now on saying all that, I've just been over to my very talented friend's blog, Neet and seen her take on the challenge and I'm completely bowled over by it. She has made it work perfectly and I don't think a spot of orange would add to it at all. Just goes to show what I know haha.


Sarah A said...

Hi Paul

Sounds and looks convincing to me, before I read your post I thought to myself I am liking the red/orange as even though it is is the smallest quantity it really draws the eye!

I just came over from Neets blog to yours (looking for inspiration for my own PDCC entry) and yours is just as stunning! Still not formed my creation using those colours yet though!


Dotpat said...

I like it Paul, it has worked well

alexa said...

I really like that orangey-peachy contrast - it livens the whole thing and makes you look twice. Super work as usual! :)