Friday, 24 September 2010

Ikea Ribbon Box

Shock, horror, I've been dabbling in some light DIY. Nick has allowed me the use of the drill and workbench and best of all, I've managed to use it without causing damage to myself, the piece I was working on or the surrounding area. Not that I'm going to make it a habit.

The reason for picking up a power tool, was this new wooden box that you can buy at IKEA, called a Prant. And it was the perfect size to alter into a ribbon box for holding the 300 ribbons I possess. I've seen ribbon dispensers that you can buy ready-made but they only have a dozen or so holes. I needed something bigger.

First I marked out the positions for the holes on the side panels, 100 each side, with a pencil. I then did the DIY stuff with the drill. I then adhered Patterned paper to the side and the top panels (Basic Grey's Periphery range, plus some K&Co). Once dry, I followed IKEA's instructions and assembled the box. To finish, all I needed to do was insert the ribbons through the holes.

I don't yet have a home for the box. However, I'm in the middle of yet another craft room clear up. It's too big a job to tackle in one go, so I'm working on it corner by corner. During the process, I'm going to create a space on one of my shelves for this little beauty to sit on. Now all I need to do is use more ribbon in my projects. At least it'll be easier to find the colour I want each time.


JoZart said...

Lovely job! Well done you! I love the papers on it.
You'd have had no prob visiting the biennial sites, LIb Dems all at the Albert Dock conference centre by the new Arena. Check for the map of the exhibs and installations before you go.
Thanks for your compliments, hun!
Jo x

Banu said...

Cool idea for the ribbon holder. Loved the idea of altering it as well.

Anne Jagger said...

Congrats on using the drill successfully! Ha ha. Very brave!
Loving the result, fabulous. X

Nigel said...

Nice one, although that large hole could prove enticing for something small and furry needing a bed for the winter :)

Dotpat said...

Brill ribbon box Paul, will have to have a go at something like that as my ribbons end up everywhere

Artyjen said...

Oh if only I'd seen this post before I was in IKEA last Saturday! Fabulous use of the box :) Sadly IKEA is a 2 and a half hour journey away for me so will be chomping at the bit till the next time I go.....thanks for the inspiration
xoxo Sioux