Saturday, 25 September 2010

We All Have Them

Again, I didn't manage to watch Kirsty make her LO online nor did I make one within the time limits but that's only for winning prizes. There's a few of us who use the sketch and upload as and when we can.

It was another interesting sketch which only required two photographs. So I went to my list of LO ideas & I saw there, Red Stripe. It then occurred to me that I used to smoke Marlboro at the time. It all fell into place, to conjure up a design to remind me of those lunches I took when I studied at Stockport College. And in a more subtle way, the journaling alludes to a third vice which is not uncommon when in your early 20s. Vanity. It was all about the image I thought it lent me. I was different. I was selective. I wouldn't drink or smoke any old rubbish.

Looking back, I find that naive attitude both toe-curling and amusing. Needless to see, age brings confidence and image becomes less important (think I've mentioned this before in a previous post regards the LO on my facial cyst). And also, age has mellowed me. I have given up both cigarettes and alcohol for a good many years now. A pot of herbal tea and a good book suits me just fine these days. Yes, I can just hear what you're thinking, "bring out the comfy slippers Grandpa". Haha. Oops, must go. Midsommer Murders has just started. ZZZZzzzzzs


Dotpat said...

Well I got rid of those two vices Paul but I swear like a trooper and am not giving that up. Great page

Michele said...

Fab LO, Paul! I love the red, white and black colour scheme - very dramatic. Hope you enjoyed 'Midsomer Murders' LOL! x

Polly Pierce said...

Oh I like this! Great layout, but what a subject... FAB!