Thursday, 25 November 2010

Where Did Our Quince End Up?

As you will know from earlier posts, this year saw a bumper crop of quince on our tree. We gave away what we could and kept a few kilos for ourselves. Our vat sized cooking pots were brought out from the back of the cupboard and a heck of a lot of steaming and stewing ensued. Jelly bags were hung from chairs and a variety of fruit liquids were lovingly and ever so slowly and methodically extracted. The result is that we now have a bounty of jars containing either Mostarda di Venezia or Quince Jelly (plus Nick's sister dropped off a block of quince cheese she made from the ones we gave her).

Nick is a practical person, and he ensures the jars are sterilised perfectly, labels are made and proper storage is provided. What he doesn't bring to the table, is any sense of style or aesthetics. Plain jars of brown sludge are handed over as gifts and I know they would look just a tad smarter without too much effort. So this year I have taken it upon myself to tart up our jars.

I got onto my Mac and designed a series of labels, all of which have a uniform look but with different colours depending on the jars' contents. I designed a fancy shaped label (to be used with Spellbinders Label 4 die) for the front and a matching circular one to go on the top.

I printed these out and using my Cuttlebug and Spellbinders dies, created the labels. I then cut up some squares of patterned paper, trimmed off the corners (to create a rough hexagon) and folded these over and around the lids before holding in place with an elastic band. Finally, I sprayed my labels with adhesive and stuck them to the jars. A huge improvement, I think you'll agree (Nick certainly does). They certainly look much nicer lined up the shelves now.

Now, if I find the time, I'll tackle the numerous homemade Sloe Gin bottles. Though most people we give them too don't care too much about external appearances. It's the contents they adore. Tastes so darn moorish, they'd be happy if it were presented in a rusty watering can lol.


Michele said...

Wow - the labels are fab, Paul! What a clever idea to design them to fit the nesties! x

Bettythebaglady said...

My goodness Paul-your energy and creativity is wonderful. Thanks for the ribbon wreat link. That weave is ace and works so well. I've been fiddling with tiny ribbon roses and found the technique would work with some paper-haven't posted yet. V. fiddly and obssessive-right up my street!Hugs BettyXXX

Carol Q said...

how gorgeous. I'd certainly appreciate the packing!

olive said...

love the labels Paul, so love to have a MAC. You are so clever..... xxx

Dotpat said...

They look really yummy Paul, don't think we got any Quince on our bush this year, just loads of plums, pears and apples

JoZart said...

That really does make all the difference, having gorgeous labels and I bet the contents will taste even better even if it is only psychological!
You've reminded me that I have two caldrons of Damson Gin festering away so I will have to get it bottled and now I'm gong to make labels for it after your inspiration...... that's if I don't drink it first! Hic!
Jo x

Anne Jagger said...

What gorgeous labels. Makes all the difference. X

Neet said...

These look good. Enhanced by your labelling of course.