Sunday, 5 December 2010

Inspiration Everywhere: Days 4 & 6

Here are my entries for days 4 & 6 in the Inspiration Everywhere class. My paw print is on the first page and my answers to where I find my inspiration are written in the second. You can't see what I've put because the page is assembled from three pieces which overlap each other, keeping the journaling from sight until you lift each section to reveal the page below.

And where's day 5? I can hear you harumph.

There wasn't a page to make on that day. Instead, we learnt how to glean inspiration and then clean it up and file it. That's going to take some time with all the images I have. Jessica recommends her favourite, free image capturing webpage, I use something different however, called Evernote. It's also free but with a limited capacity. I have the paid up version but it hardly breaks the bank at approximately £3 a month. Cheaper than subscribing to a glossy magazine. This means I have a greater allocation of storage space to keep my collated images each month. What I need to do, however, is take an afternoon to compile them all into a hardcopy file. Something Jessica provides downloads for. So watch this space, as they say.


alexa said...

This is coming along so nicely ... Love those soft colours. And really liked your quote from yesterday! I've written it down to console myself with - thank-you! :)

Neet said...

That's a bit clever Paul. Looking good - you are on a roll.