Monday, 11 April 2011

Haunting Statues

Yesterday, Nick & I spent a pleasant day wondering around Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Though the car park was full and we were guided to an overspill area, the whole place was still delightfully calm and tranquil. We had expected it to be swamped with people but it was far from it. Even when packed, there's so much space for everyone to spread out. It's just one of those areas that you can relax and unwind in. It's also set within in beautiful green countryside. On a sunny day, it's perfect bliss.

The reason for going this time, was for the opening of a new exhibition by the artist Jaume Plensa. Never heard of him? I thought I hadn't either. I was wrong. If you live in the North West of the UK, like me, you probably do know of at least one piece of art he's created...Dream in St Helens.

Now I know I always say this but if you get a chance to see it, you must! You will not be disappointed. Last week, I said Anish Kapoor at the Manchester Art Gallery was the best art I've seen this year. Well, seven days later, it's been topped by this. There are four pieces displayed in the Underground building which are stunning. Again, it's interactive and involves you more than just visually. Even if you have no knowledge or appreciation of art, you will come away having sensed something. It's spiritual and quite haunting.

And if you walk around the top perimeter, there are two giant wire heads where the female head especially creates an optical illusion of following you around, no matter where you stand.

The return drive was exceptionally good too. There was hardly any traffic as we drove through the snaking road of the Woodhead Pass, deep in the beauty of the Peak District. With a Charles Paris mystery play on the radio, I was in seventh heaven.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend :)


Sarah said...

that's twice in a fortnight you have had me cursing the fact I live so far South!

JoZart said...

Wow! what an emotive post... I gotta go for sure. If I take a tube of Bendicks Bitter Orange chocs it will be perfect! Thanks, Paul, for telling us about it....and you've created a lovely LO too.
Jo x

JoZart said...

Woo hoo! Your comment on my blog wins you a little blog candy prize as it was just as my counter hit 45,678!!
Hugs Jo x

Dotpat said...

Looks great Paul, glad you enjoyed your day

Neet said...

A beautiful LO (as always) and what a fabulous read in the bargain. I think we should set you up as a "day out co-ordinator" as you come up with such enviable trips away.

Alisonph said...

Love the stuff you're doing at the moment - the slight twist on the inspiration so it ends up being just as you want it is inspired (!!) I really should think outside the box a little more often. See you SAturday??? xxx

alexa said...

Lovely soft page, with an elegant design too, and you are a great ambassador for the North!

Maz said...

Oooh, was just reading about the sculpture park the other day - it's definitely on the cards for a future day out!