Monday, 4 April 2011

Interacting with Sculptures

If you're reading my blog and you're local to Manchester City centre, I can highly recommend you taking a trip to the Manchester Art Gallery. It's free (though the gallery does ask for generous patrons to leave a small donation) and well worth popping along to at any time. However, now is an especially good time to pop your nose around the corner to see the exhibition by the sculptural artist, Anish Kapoor.

This is what we did last Friday on April Fool's day. I'd already seen his work in the Tate London, in the giant turbine hall, when he filled it with a large red canvas stretched into the shape of a trumpet. So I knew I was going to be treated and I wasn't wrong. It's not art purely for looking at. It interacts with you. It plays with your eyes. Large bumps in the wall, disappear in front of your eyes. You speak in hushed tones to your companion and realise you're speaking like a dalek. You look at a velvet gap and for all you know, you could be staring into infinite space. It's wonderfully surreal. And best of all, you can start your day with a tea and a delightfully sinful cake from their cafe. They've revamped it and the soft, laid back chairs are a delight to sink into.

So yes, I decided to scrap it. There were too many photos I wanted to use for this to be included in my New52 layouts. The memory deserved a double paged spread all to itself. That way I could sneak more pictures in. They're all gleaned from the internet as photography is not permitted. But if you're a whizz with a search engine, it's not too difficult to find something that suits the purpose.

It's another clean and simple design. I haven't yet managed to jazz it up with embellishments etc. Maybe next time.


Michele said...

That sounds weird and wonderful - might have to investigate :)

alexa said...

Looks wonderful without any further embellishment! What an intriguing exhibition and your evocative description has whetted my appetite ...

Neet said...

Ooh Paul, you are tempting me to go and have a look. It all sounds rather good and even Chas could be interested as it is interactive.
Love you LO - especially the big words - forwards and sdrawkcab

Anne Jagger said...

Ooooo sounds fabulous! X

Sarah Anderson said...

Cool! Will definitely go :) Love your layout, really effective