Thursday, 23 June 2011

Crafting? - Who's got the Time ????

Here's my entry for Mojo Monday & Shabby Tea Room. As I think I may have already mused once before on my blog, it still amazes me that the simpler the final card appears, the bigger the mess, that's left in it's wake, on my desk.

When I look at the resulting card as it is, photographed and imported into this post, it seems like a couple of dies, a stamped image and a dab of glue is all that is required, in it's creation. My desk however, suggests that it involved my whole stash collection and every single crafting tool I possess. Maybe there's an art and finesse to making cards which everyone else has kept to themselves and not told me about lol.

Well it's a quick (ish) card as I've been a busy guy all this week and will be all this weekend. The reason is that my other half has reached a "significant" age this week - a birthday with a zero at the end. And in so being, one day of celebration is just not enough. So I've barely had the time to sit quietly by myself. And not much chance from tomorrow either as we're heading off to London, where we will be partying with family and friends. My eyelids are only just staying open, thanks to the matchsticks I've propped under them. It'll be just my luck to find myself falling asleep on the train journey down - being tutted at furiously, as the sound of my snoring fills the quiet-zone carriage lol.

Enjoy your weekend folks. Pxx


Michele said...

Fab card - I know exactly where you're coming from re the messy desk! Have a lovely weekend x

Debbie said...

Clean ... simple ... beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your creation with us in the Tea Room this week, Paul :)

PS - my craft space always looks like an explosion just went off too!

JoZart said...

Well, that card is almost, nearly, but not quite, as exquisite as the lovely one I received for my birthday and any mess you made was well worth the trouble. Thank you so much for thinking of me!
Hippy Burpday and big congrats to Nick for his special day and I hope you have mega fun at the celebrations.
Hope to see you soon,
love Jo x

alexa said...

This is just lovely - those colours are right up my street and I am admiring the way you echo the three little pearly dots with one in the middle of the far circle ... Though your desk may not be looking too stylish in the aftermath, I am hoping you have a very stylish and celebratory weekend! Many congratulations to the birthday person too.

ally said...

Hi! I'm really really impressed with your cards. They are stunning! I am going to add your blog to my blogroll on my blog.. I just started my blog a week ago! I would love for you to come check it out and give me some advice/comments etc..

Have a wonderful Sunday!!


Andrea Ewen said...

Whatever paper/craft tornado aftermath that was left in the wake of this beautiful card was well worth it... :)
The colors are splendid together and I love the flourish accents, they add such a lovely elegance! Awesome job with the Mojo sketch, too!
Happy Birthday to your SO, hope it's a great day (weekend), sounds like it is shaping up to be! And you can tell him that with age comes wisdom...which is certainly not advice that you embrace when younger, but do at those significant "zero" birthdays!

Neet said...

Belated Birthday Greetings to Nick first of all and hope you had a wonderful weekend away.
Secondly what a beautiful card, love the colours you have used and well worth the mess you describe as being left in its wake.

Fabrizio said...

Gorgeous card Paul ! I've featured it on :) ! :)