Thursday, 30 June 2011

Minimalism is but a Memory

Hmm. Is there an anglicised expression for the act of exploring somewhere different with your crafting style? I know that it's commonly referred to as going on a "creative journey" by our American chums and has for a long time been regurgitated over here too. Trouble is, it's a little over-used now and has become cliched. To all intents and purposes, it does describe perfectly my latest forays into crafting. It's just that it sounds trite. I never really take "journeys" either. With me, it's normally, "just popping out somewhere". Not exactly punchy though is it? To say I'm on a "creative popping out somewhere". It also has a camp whiffery of a 'Carry On' line to it.

Anyhoo, that's all a meandering ramble, which should perhaps have stayed in my head and not dribbled out into blogland. How I should have started this post is by saying that though minimalism is my go to, in art and design, I'm presently loving the whole vintage style. I'm trying to resist but the tug towards shabby chic is becoming stronger. In creating the above card, I felt I could have easily pulled something together in a CAS way but I wanted to try my hand at multi-layering and over-accessorising.

It's all been aided by taking up the twin challenges of this week's Mojo Monday sketch & the Shabby Tea Room theme. This time around, we have been asked to think of our favourite craft supplies and incorporate them into our project. Not easy, as I'm disgracefully fickle. Whatever is my newest purchase is also, usually my favourite. Which, at this moment in time, means my Pink Paislee, Butterfly Garden stamps. (No Michele, I couldn't resist - I went straight home and bought them lol - I blame you of course. I have zero willpower!).

Flowers, ribbon, buttons, pearls, stamps, nesties, lace, baker's twine, flourishes and lace. All this and patterned paper too. They're all my favourite supplies. Minimalism just wouldn't work this time around. Instead I tried a different discipline of using everything whilst still attempting to maintain balance and unity. And you know what? I loved it! I loved the whole playful process. Even the frustration and furrowed brow it caused.

Whoo. It's been text heavy tonight. That's what happens when I don't get enough sleep. I start to need the skills of an editor. So before I go on for too much longer, I shall bid you goodnight and go and snuggle up with a chamomile tea and book. Px


Michelle said...

Always loved what you created playing along with The Play Date Cafe...glad to see you here at The Shabby Tea Room!
This card is beautiful! Love the die cut frame and flouishes! Pretty papers!

Mrs. Miles said...

All I can say is - WOW! Your card is amazing. I have a hankering for vintage a lot too! Have you ever checked out She has AMAZING free vintage graphics. I use quite a bit of her items.

I'll be back to visit next mojo - your card is inspiring.

~ Barb

Mrs. Miles said...

Ack! I am so sorry that is

Sheesh - sorry for the mis-type. I knew I was close.

:) Barb

Smita said...

Beautiful!!! Looks like a lot has changed out here since I last visited! :)


Anne Jagger said...

What a beautiful card, I love it X

Cindy said...

Paul, so glad I found your blog thru TSTR. Your card is so lovely. Just my style too. Look forward to seeing more of your great projects!!

Michele said...

What a beautiful card! I love the vintage look - the stamps fit the style perfectly (knew you wouldn't be able to resist!) x

Maria said...

I must say your shabby style is fabulous! I'm sure your journey down the shabby road at any time would prove to be fruitful! Excellent it!:-)

Heidi said...

Your card is gorgeous!
Beautiful colours and design:)

Neet said...

Oh Paul, you have shown just how much talent you have by making this card. It is so different to your usual work and really showcases the artist in you.
Missed you yesterday - sob sob - Neet x

Dotpat said...

Well Paul it is gorgeous, absolutely love what you have done

alexa said...

And it doesn't look 'over- -accessorised at all! There's still space and shape and design at work. You do both minimal and shabby chic really well. :)

Andrea Ewen said...

Oh, my, I guess I've been under a rock could I have missed this shabby dream? It seems as though we share a love of all things vintage! This card is breath-takingly beautiful, the accents are just perfect (not overdone AT ALL)! Love the muted colors and the beautiful flower! You are certainly evolving as an artist! Carry on!

Sian Ridley said...

Ok, I need to know how you do that! I am a CAS girl through and through and no matter how hard I try to get that vintage/shabby chic look, I always fail, miserably! It just ends up looking a total mess! So, how as a CAS guy do you do that vintage look so well?! I really have to know!
It's a perfect balance of 'over-accessorising' with flowers etc and patterns. And I know the principles and basic rules behind making it look like that, I just cannot seem to achieve it!
Kudos to you my friend, you've done a spectacular job and I am whole heartedly jealous! Ha ha! :)