Saturday, 11 June 2011

There's A Reason it'd Been Quiet on Here

Yes, it's been quiet on here for a couple of weeks and with good reason. I've been enjoying a holiday in France, staying in one of the best gites we've ever hired, in a small town just east of Le Mans. For two weeks I haven't touched any patterned paper or rubber stamps.

This is the circular gite we stayed in, atop a hill blanketed in beautiful lavender.

and this is the panoramic view which greeted us every morning. We could wake up and drink in this scenery all day.

whilst at dusk, we could sit and watch the deer arrive to eat in the garden.

A trip to Blois involved seeing the museum of magic, where outside, a gigantic, six-headed, mechanical dragon emerges.

After seeing a live magic act in French, we went around the museum which included an array of optical illusions such as this vertigo-inducing mirrored display. On the top floor, we had to walk around with mirrored glasses hanging off our noses, forcing you to see only what was on the ceiling. A very weird sensation.
A local town held a fete decorated with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Here I am, poking my head through one of the giant playing cards. Naturally, I chose the Queen of Hearts.

These are the steps up the inside of round tower to a viewpoint in the middle of a local forest
and here we are at the top of the viewpoint.

We saw plenty of beautiful churches and took hundreds of photos of them. Difficult to choose just one to pop on here, but this was one of the more flamboyantly designed fronts.

So there you have it. There's been plenty of sun and cake and as you can see from the photos, I've put on a lardy amount of weight with all the gorgeous pastries we've bought and indulged in.

Now I'm back home and it's time to blow the dust off my craft room and once the post-holiday laundry has been done, I can begin to play. I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves in the last fortnight. I am looking forward to catching up on visiting your blogs and seeing what inspirational creations have been posted. Enjoy your weekend :) Pxx


Michele said...

Fab photos - glad you had a great time! Hope to see you on Saturday x

JoZart said...

Oh how wonderful and quite a magic holiday in more ways than one! So pleased you both enjoyed it so much. The gites looks so amazing and it was the perfect place to give you a culture fix too. Fab photos... It really makes me need a trip to La Belle France. Hope to see you soon,
Love Jo x

scrapperjulia said...

Thanks for taking me on a trip to France with your fabulous photos! Glad you are back to crafting/blogland!

kjjc said...

lovely photos Paul. Glad you had a nice time. Look forward to seeing you on saturday.

Neet said...

Oh Paul that looks wonderful. What a fabulous gite you stayed in and I can imagine the wonderful fragrance of lavender as you walked outside.
As usual your little taster of your holiday makes me smile and feel all happy inside. I am so glad you had good weather - you deserve it.
Missed you - Love, Neet x x

alexa said...

Glad to see you back, Paul - I was starting to get worried. :( What a lovely post! Your photos are glorious - love the spiral staircase view. Looks as if it was the Holiday With Everything, and delighted you had a great time. Looking forward to the scrapbook pages!