Friday, 26 August 2011

Cupcake Reward

It's not often that I wake up and discover I have a trumpet I can blow but today is one of those exceptions. The card which I uploaded in this post for last week's Friday Mash Up challenge, was selected as this week's Rock Star.

Now I don't need much of an excuse but given that the theme of the challenge for which I was awarded, involved cupcakes, I decided I would reward myself with one. Unfortunately there aren't any local bakeries which sell fancy cakes where I live. So I popped into a well known baking retailer who seem to have a branch on every street and opted for their shocking pink and white confection. It may not look it from the photo because I've tweaked it to look vintage style (I may not have instagram but I do know my way around photoshop) but it positively glows in the dark. Gotta love when carbs meet E numbers.

So thank you everyone at Friday Mash Up. I look forward to playing along again with this week's new challenge. xx


Andrea Ewen said...

Congratulations, my well deserved! I'm glad to see you getting recognized for your fabulous work and ALL those calories will be SO worth it! Enjoy!

Anne E said...

Congratulations! I'm glad to see you know how to celebrate in style :-)