Monday, 10 October 2011

Inspired By Acorns

Okay, so this post is a bit different. I've veered away from my usual crafts, to indulge in a spot of home decor. The idea to paint acorns isn't mine. It comes from a website of a lovely chap called Michael Wurm and his wonderful blog, Inspired by Charm. In particular, this post here.

If I lived closer to his wonderful shop and bed & breakfast, I'd be broke (& he would be able to retire) as I'd buy everything. I'd also be the size of a house as he cooks such mouthwatering recipes. I defy you to look through his blog without drooling.

What's more, if you click and join his facebook page, you will enjoy a daily inspirational quote. He collects and shares them and boy are they quality.

Anyhoo, he's been trying out something new everyday in October and posting them onto his blog. And to illustrate his intention, he used a photograph of bright red acorns. He had so many requests, that he shared how he did it.

I loved the idea and wanted to have a go at something similar. Not in red, but in cream and white. So I gathered up a selection of acorns and laid them out on my craft table. But instead of using spray paint, I opted for acrylic paints and a brush. I coloured the cups in a buff paint and gave the acorns two coats of titanium white. It takes me back to a time in college when we bought a selection of fruit including apples, grapes and bananas & spray painted them white. We made a monochromatic still life from them and drew, photographed & painted the arrangement. I'm sure it was to teach us about light and shade.

So now I have a variety of these acorns scattered over one of my fireplaces, poking out from behind the ornaments and candle holders & I can truly say I've been inspired and charmed :) Px


cockney blonde said...

What a brilliant idea Paul. I love it and may just have a go myself, x

Michael - Innkeeper said...

OOOOooo!! I love the white on the acorns!! beautiful!

kjjc said...

what a novel idea

Dotpat said...

I love these Paul, they really look classy, if I had the energy I would go down our cemetery and collect some there are loads in there, alas it will have to be another time.
Hope you had a great time at P/S really missed not going

Cath Wilson said...

That's a great blog, Paul - really interesting. Love these, though it almost seems a shame to cover up something nature has so beautifully made.

Inger said...

What a brilliant idea!
Love how you've painted them in white - so BEAUTIFUL!!


olive said...

oohh what a great idea.... i have some acorns in my car, now I have an idea for them!!!! xxx

JoZart said...

I love the altered acorns, both red and white as they really make me take an in depth look at something we take for granted. Michael's blog is all you said it was and I'll be popping back there from time to time. Wouldn't it be amazing to stay in his B&B??
Thanks again for your offer of help last Sat... you really are a gem!
Jo x

alexa said...

So stylish ... You're making me think of a basket of these in off-whites, whites, taupes ..

Neet said...

Don't they look good! Might have to look out for some of these and other things. Now on my list of "to do's" and off to look at your link.

Andrea Ewen said...

I agree, this idea is brilliant, especially since I have about 30 oak trees in my backyard...though I would have to wrestle a lot of squirrels to get a hold of some ;)
Thanks for posting the website, that chap does have some great ideas! Love what you've done with yours, the white brings about a certain cozy, wintry feel to them, as opposed the Fall-like red that Michael used. Keep the inspiration coming, my friend!