Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sweet Treats for Party Girls

All being well, I have timed this post to go up whilst I'm at Victoria Stampers' Christmas party in Padgate. We are going to be catered for but I wanted to bring along a little present for all the ladies. Last year, I spent many late hours in the kitchen making "Hot Chocolate on a Stick" gifts. This time around, I've joined the year's latest foodie craze and made Cake Pops.

For those not in the know, Cake pops are small balls of cake plonked atop a lollipop stick. If you want to find out more, check out Bakerella's Blog.

For the ones I made, it couldn't be any easier. I bought a pre-made chocolate sponge cake which had incorporated into it, a buttercream filling. I broke the cake up into a bowl, added some vanilla essence and squished it up until I had a chocolate dough ball. I broke off small chunks and rolled them into small ball shapes using the palms of my hands. I then chilled them in the fridge.

It was then just a case of melting two pots of white chocolate, one of which I had added the tiniest drop of red food colouring and strawberry flavouring. I attached sticks to the cake balls, dunked them in the pink chocolate & let them set. Finally, I dunked them into melted white chocolate then a bowl of pink sugar sprinkles. Now how easy is that?

Best of all, they're too small to make a significant dent in anyone's calorie watching regime. Then again, who watches them at this time of year anyway? Isn't that what January's for?

Enjoy your weekend :) Pxx


Jeanne J said...

Paul, I can't believe you made these!! They look very inviting! Love the little hint of pink and that sanding sugar on top! I love to cook but always thought these were out of my league. You made these sound so easy maybe I will give it a go! Thanks for the inspiration!

Cath Wilson said...

They look good, Paul - lovely gift idea, too. Pity they're chocolate cake, lol. Hope your party was fun x

JoZart said...

Just enjoyed a nice cuppa along with my Cookie Pop. They are gorgeous, thanks so much Paul. You always come up with such lovely ideas for treats.
Great to share the day, and what a laugh it all turned out to be!
Love JoZarty x

Dotpat said...

What a great idea, must say have not heard of these before but they look very tempting Paul, hope you had a good time, saw your photo on Jo's blog, you all look so happy

Michele said...

Fab idea - they look lovely x

Emma said...

I've been dying to have a go at making some of these myself but just not got round to it! Do they taste as good as they look?! x

gypsychick said...

You are soooo sweet!!! Look at you! That's amazing.

Andrea Ewen said...

What a wonderful treat for the gals! I just had my first taste of one of these delectibles yesterday and all I can say is...those ladies are gonna be very happy!

alexa said...

These are so pretty and very sweet ... I am going to have to follow your link and go and make some for the ravening hordes at Christmas. ;)