Monday, 2 January 2012

One little Word 2012

If you regularly visit blogs which devote themselves to the craft of scrapbooking, you will probably have seen the idea of One Little Word. It was started a few years ago by Ali Edwards and the idea is to choose a word which will denote the year to come.

For 2011, I picked "experience" and the New52 project which I followed throughout the twelve months definitely highlighted it's pursuit for me.

This time around, I wanted to continue having a year of new experiences but I wanted to turn up the dial. I think, this time last year, when I began New52, I had hoped it would stretch me into seeking out untried experiences which I'd not done before because of fear or anxiety. However, it soon morphed into a record purely of new experiences. Which was fine. It did, at least, meet it's remit.

So to push me on, with a little retuning, I have decided my word for 2012 will be "Dare". I wanted a single, snappy word which meant "leaving one's comfort zone". "Adventure" seemed too restrictive, "Bravery" & "Courage" were too laughable. I'm not planning on becoming the next Andy McNab. I did like the word "pluck" though. But in the end, "Dare" seemed to sum up my hopes for the coming months more accurately.

Dares, for me, don't have to be major undertakings. For instance, the first day of 2012 saw me standing sideways, in unflattering clothes, asking my OH to take a photo of me and my expanded waistline. Not only that, I have shared that picture with several others. It wasn't to the same degree as throwing oneself out of a plane with nothing but a parachute to stop you plummeting to the earth but nevertheless, my pulse quickened, my palms were sweating and I definitely felt out of my comfort zone.

And to acknowledge to myself and make a commitment to my chosen word, I created the above digital layout which I can print out and pin to the cork-board in my craft room, as a reminder to leave my comfort zone as often as possible.

Come tomorrow, the holidays will be over and life will begin to take on a normal routine. My blog will also revert to norm too. I'll pick up my papers, scissors, glue and paints and share my creations online. However, now and again, I'll hopefully include a post which also updates on my forays into experiencing dares.

And here's wishing all my readers, a wonderful New Year too, full of wonder and fulfilment.

Paul x


alexa said...

What a wonderful word, Paul, and I wish you every success with it this year - it was lovely to see how you really embraced last year's and I am sure this year's will be equally life-enhancing. :)

Jeanne J said...

Paul, Perfect word for inspiration! We should all make this pact together - to dare! Love it!

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

Hi Paul, Happy New Year!

What a fabulous concept. I love your choice of word and your explanation, after all this is YOUR word and it has to work for YOU.

I look forward to seeing all the big and little things that you 'dare' yourself to do in 2012.

Happy Crafting
Kasey ~ in Oz

JoZart said...

You are brave and I am pondering.... I must think up a good one for you before Saturday.....but will you take it up? We'll have to wait and see. Or have the dares to be self administered?
Good luck and enjoy every one!
Love Jo x

kjjc said...

wow good for you Paul. Don't know that I would be that brave.Happy new year-hope it's a good one.x

Scrappi Sandi said...

Hi Paul! Sandi here from MMEW! I love your choice of word & look forward to reading all about your 'daring' exploits in the year ahead!! ♥

Banu said...

What a wonderful word and has such deep meaning with respect to so many mental barriers we erect ourselves. All the best with your OLW

Neet said...

I think the sideways photo was very daring - thinking about me here. I would hate for anyone to see me sideways without my sucking my tummy in and trying desperately to tuck in my behind.
Maybe we should share a dare - to lose a few pounds before we next meet up (after this Saturday of course).
BTW my only resolution is to be Happier this year so maybe Smile should be my word.
Good Luck with DARE.

Michele said...

Great choice of word. Look forward to seeing the 'dare' inspired LOs over the coming year x