Saturday, 10 March 2012

Haven't Stopped Stretching Myself Yet

There's definitely no shortage of new techniques and materials for me to try out and stretch my creative foundations at the moment. So, at least for now, there seems no end in sight to my tag producing phase. And this particular fellow is destined as a challenge entry. That's because I was asked to join in with a 'Dress It Up' idea for the Flying Unicorns.

The rules of the game, requested that you make something which includes a dress form, be it a stamp, a die shape etc. There were other rules too and if I met any of them, it's by mere fluke. Apparently the dress form is not allowed to be naked. However, mine is wearing a scarf and to me that says dressed. And if it's not allowed, I shall go out into town tomorrow, wearing only the said garment and upload photos to prove it's justified. And, if you saw my previous post, you may recognise that I've used the peeled paint background technique again.

Flowers and lace were mentioned too. Well one out of two is pretty good. It's handmade, if that earns me any brownie points at all. And I have used gauze, which is practically lace for wrapping your wounds with. Words were also insisted upon and if you look ever so closely, I have used the alphabet and roman numerals. So in short, I haven't really stuck to any of the rules, have I? lol.

However, I did make a fabric tag, which is a first for me, after seeing one on Tammy Tutterow's blog, made from muslin. I used the scraps of cotton I have lying around and I left it bare, rather than colour or stamp onto it. In fact, it felt a shame at all, to go and cover it in anything but I'm pretty sure that attempting to pass off a naked tag would be seen as a step too far.

Next time, before I embark on one of their challenges, I really must print out the rules and instructions. It may not make a difference to the outcome but at least I would be showing willing right from the start lol.

Have a wonderful, creative weekend folks. Go break some rules! lol

Paul x


Cath Wilson said...

He, he, Paul - love the idea of the scarf and the flower almost looks like a hat, so it really works well. Brilliant stuff but the naughty side of me does wish that they say the scarf isn't adequate so that you do go out to town half dressed - and take photos, lol. Thanks for the giggle as well as the beautiful work x

Jeanne J said...

You crack me up Paul - going to town in said garment indeed! Joking aside your tag is beautiful - a real work of art on it's own - you are right - wouldn't change a thing!

Anne Jagger said...

Loving your new techniques X

JoZart said...

I'd just love to see you strutting your stuff in that "said garment" but methinks you are safe and that the tag is far more than adequately beautifully dressed.
Darn it!!
Love Jo x

HeatherLynn said...

beautiful, Paul! I adore your work. ~hl

Frank Garcia said...

OH Paul, this tag turned out AMAZING and oh so beautiful and I cannot thank you enough for participating in one of our challenges you ROCK!! I cannot stop looking at that tag Paul!!! It's just so stunning, the textures, the scarf, everything is so PRECIOUS!!! What's that? You want to send it to me? Why I'd be delighted! lol j/k!



Neet said...

Well Paul, whether you met all the rules or not I love this tag. Particularly the scarf, what an inspired thought that one was.
All in all it is yet another beautiful creation made by my favourite guy.
Hugs, Neet xx

Dotpat said...

Another fantastic tag Paul, just love it

Jocelyn said...

This is beautiful. I had to chuckle at the lack of rule following. I sure hope that the scarf counts. I'd hate to hear you were hauled in for scarf wearing. LOL

alexa said...

How sweet is this - and elegant too! You are clearly well up to the challenge of all these new things. I love the little photo in the frame too.

Angelica said...

A beautiful tag, love the fabric!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Another stunner! I think it's good to interpret the criteria in your own styl, so all boxes ticked I'd say!!! But if it's not allowed then I hpe it's a warm day for your 'scarf only' outing!!! LOL!! :)

JoZart said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Paul re my apple tree. I know you are right and I'm hoping the acer in the same patch will now do better with more air light and nourishment.
So sorry I'm going to miss your workshop due to our Brighton trip.
Lv Jo x

Frank Garcia said...

Hi Paul, just checking in on you making sure you are well!


Spyder said...

Love the tag, great ideas and designs all round!

- Jodie Lee - said...

Love love love your blog and all the awesome tips Paul!!

I've been getting off the computer and into the world of paper lately, making my own little bits and pieces.

So much fun!