Friday, 8 June 2012

Lenses that go blip in the night & Cat Food

Well I didn't think I was going to post anything this week. My spare time, such as it is, has found me doodling, drawing & sketching. There's even been a couple of Art Journal pages. But nothing crafty. However, at the last minute, I looked over at my two empty boxes for cat food, which store my pens and remembered my friend Neet's post.

I had apparently inspired her to use empty cat food boxes to store her Promarkers, after I bought mine to a crafty day out. Neet, in turn, took it to a new level by actually decorating her boxes and not only that, adding inserts.

So, in turn, I was inspired to do the same...

I flattened the boxes out and covered one side of them in papers from my A4 Nature Garden Pad (no matter how much I use, I still have a thick pad of paper left). Then, with a glue gun at the ready, I reassembled them.

I cut into a couple more boxes to make the cardboard separators for inside the boxes. I covered these with more paper from Nature Garden & carefully glued them inside, using the pens as a guide. Finally, a strip of paper around the top lip and Washi tape around the bottom.

And in order to blog these boxes, I of course require my handy DSLR camera. Problem is, that the darn lens has a sticky shutter and needs to be sent off for maintenance. Which means I have to learn how to capture what I make with a spare "point and click" camera. After being taught how to control and tame my Canon, I feel like a fish out of water again, now that I'm back back on a camera's  "auto" setting.

Well I hope you are all set to have a good weekend, chock full of creativity. Here, in the UK, it's going to be a wet one, so perfect for staying indoors and playing with crafty goodies. We have a guest staying this weekend, so we'll be putting our heads together, trying to think up outings and adventures which don't involve us looking like drowned rats afterwards. Not that I mind if it's wet but the others are all fair-weather people. So it'll just be me going for a country stroll :)

(P.S. Just as I was about to sign off and post this, Nick came in with a present he's bought for me: a frog, in a clear, plastic container. I've just added the water, as per instructions and apparently within 72 hours, a prince will appear - so that's my weekend sorted then haha).



kjjc said...

Brilliant idea and beautifully executed. Don't worry if you have too much paper -just send it this way.And if you are giving things away I wouldn't mind a prince either!!!!!

Linda said...

This is fabulous! I will have to have a word with Neet and get the instructions LOL. Must remember not to get rid of my cat food boxes! Have a fab weekend.

Linda xxx

Frank Garcia said...

Paul what a great idea and those boxes look amazingly beautiful!! I will have to give them a try for sure!! You are right about the Nature Garden stack it really is a great value and oh so beautiful!!

Enjoy the rain my friend and thank you for your wonderful comments I appreciate them always!!

Hugs! Frank

Michele said...

Great idea - they look fab!

Neet said...

Fab box Paul - I am so glad we won't have to look at "Felix" again and can see this delight instead. Not that I really minded Felix of course.
How's the Prince? Hope you blog him.

Hugs, Neet xx

J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

Very nice.

Your back couple rows of markers look like "Tria" brand markers we used to have in the states. I love them as they have three nibs and are refillable. Of course they have been discontinued.

They were kind of expensive, but over the years at my old job I had accumulated a pretty good size set. They were Pantone (PMS) matched so we used them a lot back in the day before color printers were reasonably priced. When my replacement was going to throw them out she asked if I wanted them which of course I snapped up. So I now have a set of 80 or so markers that originally cost hundreds of dollars.

Wish I could still get them or especially could get the refill bottles.

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Yes they are the old Trias back from the days when I worked in design too and yup they were expensive back then too. I know what you mean about wanting the refills for them. But I don't have as many pens as you :) Px

Andrea Ewen said...

Hey need to get back to your craft table and make some more eye candy for us! I've been missing your prettied-up tags, homemade flowers and antiqued backgrounds. Get on the stick, dear boy and fill us up with your creativity! ;)
Oh, and I love your doctored up marker that's some super fine re-purposing! :)

Jodie Lee said...

Absolutely brilliant idea Paul! Some very classy 'up styling' there!! Love it!

Thank you for sharing!