Saturday, 16 June 2012

Picking Up Pens & Paints

My papers and glue have been gathering dust over the last few days and my blog was nearly forced into having a holiday as well. The reason being is that the itch to draw, stamp and paint has returned. So instead of creating cards, tags or scrapbooks, I've been picking up my sketchbooks and dabbling in an art journal.

Now I do this just for me and my eyes only. The thought of sharing these scribblings and pages with a wider world tends to put the creative part of my brain into shut down. If I think it's going to be on show, I stare at the blank, white page, telling myself that this has to look good, even before a brush touches paint. If I know it's only for me, I feel free to make mistakes or a mess and it's easier to experiment and try ideas out. Even if I don't like the resulting page, I know I will learn from it and use what I've discovered to create a new one.

So yes, like everyone else, I'm hugely self-critical of anything I create on paper. But I love doing it. The hours that feel like minutes, when I'm lost in a drawing, are like meditation. I don't always have to draw well. But I do have to draw.

However, the three pages I made in my art journal this week certainly don't look or feel like polished, finished pieces for display. I am still learning, feeling my way around. I don't think I've yet found my voice or style in them yet. They are still looking like imitations of other peoples pages.

I recognise the process though. I have to practice and explore and make mistakes. I look at each page and I see it as an improvement on the last. That at least, keeps the voice in my head quiet. You know, the one that says it's rubbish (okay in my head, the language is a bit more earthy but you get the gist).

So to compromise, and to have a place to record my progress, I thought I'd take photographic snippets of the pages. And one day, when you start to see more and more of the page contents, as I dare to zoom out, you'll know I'm growing in confidence and beginning to find my style.

Right, well I'm being shouted at to hurry up. I have my Mother-In-Law, Kate, staying with us and we're off to look at sculptures and I'm holding everyone up lol.

Enjoy your weekend



Linda said...

Have a fab weekend and thank you for sharing your snippets of what you have drawn. I agree that we are all very critical of our own work.

linda xxx

olive said...

oh they look intriguing ...... I dont know why we are critical, we are all BRILLIANT. xxx

kjjc said...

aha so that's where you were hiding. We missed your company today. I agree we are our own worst critics. I'm sure I would find nothing to criticise in your artwork. I look forward to seeing more of this. Hope to see you next month.x

Frank Garcia said...

Paul, I am sure they are amazing and brilliant. From what I can see they are very unique and special pieces, I used to be the same way when I used to watercolor, but then I realized everyone's work is unique and a piece of art!! Cannot wait to see the whole thing!

Hugs! Frank

JoZart said...

I like all I see there.... keep drawing!
Thanks for all your lovely comments whilst i've been on my wanderings and I KNOW you'd LOVE Waddeston. Inside and out the art is amazing but I wasn't allowed to photograph indoors, ... from 18th Century to Freud, Hockney etc., etc.. Much more in the grounds too than I posted.
A wonderful chance, break the N/S journey, lunch stop visit (ended up staying until 5.30pm) to a place I previously didn't know existed. GO!
Jo x