Sunday, 24 June 2012

Step by Step

Well the birthday celebrations have been and gone. The presents and meal out, all went down extremely well. I succeeded in keeping the cheeses a surprise. And for the benefit of Kory, imagine steamed cabbage mixed in with a locker-room crammed with sweaty socks and you have an idea of the smell lol.

And yes, the weather has been diabolically wet. In fact, as a treat out, we visited the caverns of the Peak District. Well, it couldn't be anymore damp than it was above ground.

We also had the Olympic flame (yawn) pass close by our street this morning but like the football being played as I typed, I couldn't have been less interested lol. Me & sport? Like oil & water! So it's been a lazy weekend spent mostly indoors, either catching up on movies or creating a mess with inks and pens.

The result is another entry created in my art journal. This is to the right of the 'Tour Eiffel' page I posted about last time. I'm actually less embarrassed by this particular page than I have been of the last few entries. I still see the influence of other art journalers' styles in here but step by step, I see more that I find acceptable in the finished design.

I began by spritzing the page with Studio Calico Mister Hueys sprays (clay, pinstripe, dewey and a dash of calico white). I doodled a border of circles (bit rough, next time I'll try drawing them more evenly spaced). I drew a central rectangle with a watercolour pencil (Graphitint) and then went crazy with Derwent's Coloursoft pencils drawing loops and swirls. Next, I sketched in a pepper-pot character. I gave him a tall hat just so he'd fit within the space better. Finally, I added the words and arrows.

I know there are no mistakes in art journals and that it's a place to experiment and feel free in. Buuuuuut.....I can only see the areas I want to improve on. The doodled circles I've mentioned.  The colours are perhaps a bit too muted and dark. Not sure if I like the grubby look of it. I like the scratchy, scribbly style of drawing at the moment but I wonder if it would look better with a different pen. Maybe a brush pen? And my font technique needs working on still. But that is part of the fun. Constantly trying to improve. Okay, I'd prefer it if all I wanted to do was fine tune rather than overhaul my efforts. But as long as I'm moving in a forward direction, I'm happy. No scratch that. I'm content.

Right, it's time for bed. Eyes are feeling heavy. Brain is shutting down too. Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends.

And with that, 'til next time, sweet dreams my lovelies.



Kory K said...

First of all, I FREAKIN' LOVE that card!!! You drew that little guy?!?!?! I thought it was a stamp!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Make a digital stamp of it!!!!

Second of all: Bless your heart for thinking I knew what a locker room smelled like.

Third of all: When I heard about the flame in London, I thought they were talking about you, imagine my surprise to learn it had something to do with the Olympics.


olive said...

love your kooky guy..... Kory's idea bout stamp is a good one. xxxx

Michele said...

Ditto the comments above - he's fab! x

JoZart said...

You'll be designing stamps soon for sure! Keep going as I'm lovin' it! That little pin head guy is seriously wacky...
Love Jo x

Neet said...

I really thought he was a stamp! I like it, prefer the randomness of the border rather than uniformity.
Hugs, Neet xx

alexa said...

Here's another who thought he was stamped! Nice to see you exploring all the creative avenues you have ... Yup, I bet it was as cold underground as above too!

Cath Wilson said...

He, he - that's okay - I only see the things I don't like, too. The colours here are great and of course I love the image! Cool borders, too. I'n not into fixed either at the moment but have just done some cos I'm not feeling very creative - needs must when you need cards :-(