Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bon Voyage

Yes it's been a little quiet here recently. Last week I had man-flu which I desperately tried to hurry along to leave my system so that I could attend a 50th birthday celebration at the quaint, newly restored, vintage-styled Plaza Cinema in Stockport. The whole place had been rented out to the birthday boy and guests for the evening.

After being welcomed along a red carpet to the entrance, we were entertained by an organ recital and a couple of vintage short films. Then it was up the stairs to a lavish spread and an open bar till the early hours. Cake was served, speeches were made and all had a great time. I had a chance to meet up with friends whom I haven't seen in years. As much fun as it was though, I was still the first one to leave the bash. All the medication inside of me couldn't keep me awake. Good job it was just a few minutes walk home. 

However, if you live locally and fancy a retro-themed evening I can highly recommend it.

Colds and work has meant that my crafting and drawing have slipped by the way though. Now that I'm over the pesky bug, I have to organise and prepare for our annual vacation. Yes, France beckons once again. But I didn't want to go and just leave my little space on the web for all that time. So I've cobbled together a quick tag to show.

A scribbled character which I drew, was scanned into photoshop and printed out. I coloured him in, cut him out and stuck him onto a background which I spritzed with green dyes and stamped over. An assortment of embellishments was added and fibres tied in a bow at the top. Nice & easy.

So I'm afraid there'll be no activity on here for a few weeks. But I'll be fully rested and no doubt raring to go with new, creative ideas on my return.

Looking forward to catching up with all your creative blogs soon.



alexa said...

So sorry you have been poorly, aul and hoe it is now behind you so you can enjoy your holiday, and that it will indeed be a 'bon voyage'. xxx

Neil said...

Enjoy your vacation! Look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

Kory K said...

Should've known you would be the first to leave after being entertained by an organ!

What a great looking movie theatre!

And another amazingly drawn little guy! I love these drawings!!!!

And I'm insanely jealous of your vacation! Bring me someting good!

Awwww what're we going to do without you?!


Michele said...

Sounds like a fantastic night! Hope you're feeling better and have a lovely holiday xx (love the tag btw)

Frank Garcia said...

Paul what a great night friend, looks like a great theatre, love the vintage style! Sorry to hear about your flu I really hope you feel better, sending hugs your way. Enjoy your vacation you will be missed for sure!!

Hugs! Frank

olive said...

oh poor you.... looks like a fabby place to have party. enjoy your holiday. xxx

Susan Martin said...

That theatre is amazing. And that little hand drawn guy is awesome!

Neet said...

have a wonderful time, recharge yourself and come back fit and well.
Love the tag - love your little fella - you should digi sell these to pay for your craft!
Enjoyed reading about the party - thanks for sharing.
Love and have a lovely holiday the two of you - eat loads of smelly cheese!
Neet xx

Dotpat said...

Love your tag Paul, you always make them look so special.
Hope you have a great holiday