Sunday, 2 September 2012

Outings & Photoshop

It's been a celebratory time of a low-key nature this weekend. I'm another year older without managing to be any wiser. And, unusually, I haven't sat myself down and crafted for over a week. My free time has been taken up with other activities so no cards, tags, journals or their ilk to show. However, I have been mucking around on photoshop with the pics I took over the last few days, giving them an arty, textural makeover. So I have been creative in other fields.

To begin, with a sunny day forecast, Nick & I headed for a hike in the hills of the Peak District, near Bakewell. The views were spectacular, the atmosphere serene and we sat on grassy banks, munching on egg & cress sandwiches, staring out at the beautiful landscape and lapping up the sun on our faces.

Along the way, I took photographs of the weeds plant-life that we came across in the fields which were quite dull and unassuming in their original format. But with a few photoshopped filters, textures, and blends, I managed to "arty" them up.

On day two, we took a trip out to Speke Hall, near Runcorn, for no reason other than we've never been there before. And, in truth, though it was a pleasant enough excursion, it didn't really wow the socks off me. But you try these things out, sometimes they work out, other times they don't.

However, it was an opportunity to take some more photos for playing around with.

In an age of instagram and instant retro effects at the push of a button, I'm really pleased with how I manually manipulated these photographs on Photoshop. I think I'd like to practice a bit more and see if I can try to add more subtle effects next time. But that's the joys of doing and learning.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm off to slump on the sofa and await the roast dinner being cooked for me. The diet, as always, can start tomorrow (again)



Barb said...

gorgeous photos. makes me want to visit that corner of the world! xx

JoZart said...

We missed you yesterday and sang Happy Birthday in your absence. Hope you had a special birthday.
Your photographs are superb having been given the magic PB touch!!!
Lots of love Jo x,
Your card (despite thinking of you all week) has yet to be posted oooh er, soorrry! I have to blame the visit of the Brighton Belles.
BTW Speke Hall is in Liverpool!!! Try Rufford Old Hall next trip, I found it more interesting but I do still like Speke.

Neil said...

Fabulous photos. Must get to grips with photoshop one day; I tend to get swamped by all the buttons! Glad you had a good birthday and a good weekend. Love Bakewell so am jealous you were there. I'm up in Liverpool and Preston next weekend dropping eldest daughter off at Uni, haven't been to Preston for about 37 years so it should be fun.

- Jodie Lee - said...

Awesome stuff Paul!!
Love your photography and the textural effects! Hope you've been having fun!!

Jodie Lee

Michele said...

Wow - I'm loving what you've done with Photoshop - fantastic! x

JoZart said...

Thanks for your comment Paul! So pleased you like your card and by now you should have received one from someone else in the group. She speciall made you one of the secret message card.... I hope you can find the hidden sections!
Re the tidy desk...I had to prep well in advance of my grandees visit ...ta dah!!!
Love Jo x

Neet said...

Not a clue where I just went (this new 'puter) but I couldn't find a box to comment in - doh!
Love the photos, that is a different form of art that you have been playing around with and one which I admire greatly. Envy you your talent. The closeups of the flowers are utterly gorgeous and I do like how you have made them look with the program you used.
I went to Speke years ago but cannot remember much about it - might have been as I had a gaggle of Girl Guides with me at the time.
Glad you had lovely things planned for your birthday and sorry I was late with your card - promise to be a better friend next time.
Hope you enjoyed the dinner. Hugs, Neet xx

Justie said...

I love photoshop... I have photoshop CS5 I don't have the extended verison just the "standard verison" I really would like the extended verison since I want to try the 3d affects.

Anyways I think my favorite has to be the house and the skyline. I like the affects on them especially the borads. What affects did you use to make them like that?

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Glad you like them Justie. They all had different effects but in the main, I begin by adding a gradient layer in black and white, then I duplicate the original colour layer, place it on top of the BW image and blend with the Soft Light mode. Pxx