Tuesday, 11 September 2012

UTEE Blobs & Drips

First of all, for those who are bearing with me, I've now turned the word verification off for the comments options, which will now again make it easier for you. Within moments, I received spam again, so that didn't work lol. It's not a big problem and certainly much easier than squinting one's eyes to read those weird swirling words. So thank you to all who left kind comments regardless.

And now, finally, I have something to share on my blog. I know, I've hardly made anything recently. I'm still stuck in limbo. I know where I want to head creatively, I just haven't arrived there yet and it's seen off my mojo temporarily. Ironic, as the more I actually sit down and play, the closer I'll be to it.

However, last night, I blew the dust off my UTEE pot and melted down some scraps into one boiling bronze mass. And after a few plays and errors along the way, ended up with some usable fragments.

One of my experiments was to try and melt drips coming off shapes which proved to be quite a frustrating task. I mostly ended up applying too much heat and watching it lose it's shape entirely. But I eventually managed to result in a drippy heart piece. Mind you, in the process, I serendipitously made a lot of interesting UTEE blobs. And in fact, I prefer these to my original idea. A happy accident you might say.

So to end the evening, I decided to make a card from the shapes before me. I began by spraying with watered down distress inks (stormy sky & weathered wood) before going around the edges applying walnut stain with a sponge applicator. I then applied picket fence stain to the whole card, letting it soak in. When dry, I ran it through my sewing machine. I took a square of linen and frayed the edges, by pulling away some of the threads. I did the same to a smaller piece of burlap which I dabbed with white acrylic paint.

I glued these to the card before arranging the UTEE shapes and attaching with a glue gun. Finally, I had all these stray burlap threads leftover on my table, so rather then tip into the bin, attached them to the corners.

And there you have it. I still have several more "blobs" to play around with, so if the mood strikes, I may make another card with them later.

Till then



Frank Garcia said...

What a sweet card, I love playing with Utee I actually am one of the few that likes the smell lol that's weird, my utee pot is somewhere you've inspired me to take it out! Gorgeous card!!!

Hugs! Frank

Karin said...

wow, you created a beautiful bleeding heart!

Michele said...

Fab card! I love the 'drippy heart' - looking forward to seeing what you do with your left over 'blobs'! x

JoZart said...

Oh, my bleeding heart! It's fab! Back in the exquisite PB style of card but don't stop all the interesting experiments.
When I met Neil we talked about meeting again, as he'll have to visit his DD from time to time, so we could plan some arty time and I'll invite Neet, Donna and YOU to join us!!!
Hugs Jo x
Thanks for your lovely comment.

Dotpat said...

Well I would say that turned out fab Paul, you make some really interesting pieces, my mojo's lost at the mo too

Justie said...

That a very interesting card. I never heard of Utee before. Maybe because I am new to the art of the craft world of scarpbooking. I haven't dive into card making yet. Maybe I should try it. Since it could save me money on having to buy someone a card. I could just make one, lol.

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, now that's scrummy, Paul - love the elegant simplicity of it and the shabby chic effect you always manage so well to achieve. Really love to see you experimenting - great stuff and great detail x

- Jodie Lee - said...

Awesome way to use UTEE!!