Friday, 12 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 12

Today is when I reveal how naff my taste can be and to what extent I'll go against the popular purveyors of good taste...

This is my preferred brand of aftershave. And I'll take it in any shape or form I can. Shower gel, soap, body spray, aftershave, bubble bath, moisturiser, deodorant!!! The list goes on. I've bought and indulged in it all. Or at least I used to.

It's not as easy to come by these days. Lacoste have moved on and modernised themselves. They've left behind the original scent in the green and white bottles. But you can still buy the cologne over in France, just. Over there, one gets the feeling it's image is rather the same as Old Spice & Brut is over here. And a few bottles are still made for the die-hards.

Which is a pity, as there is no other cologne like it. In perfumery language, it is what is known as a green scent. To the unsophisticated, this translates as smelling of citrus. And I adore it. It's clean and fresh and nostalgic. It was the very first aftershave I bought as a teen. I've since been through other brands with a fickleness to make you blush but at the end of the day, I love my Lacoste.

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J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

I feel your pain. The cologne brand I love has been discontinued and I only have two nearly empty bottles of my "winter" scent. I used up the last of the "spring" scent a year or so ago. I have weird body chemistry so can't wear most colognes, they all change on me after about 15 minutes into something completely different and in general kind of stinky. I too like the "clean" scents, but the designer brands that I like end up smelling like cotton candy after just a little while on me.

Cath Wilson said...

Aw, bless you - and I still love Old Spice ;) My Dad still likes Blue Stratos, would you believe? I'm not a big After shave fan but I can understand you wanting to stick with something you like and especially with your reasons... I still love Musk!

Frank Garcia said...

We still have that here!! I love Lacoste I was obsessed with their stuff!!!

Hope you are doing well my friend, thanks for all the warm nice comments!

<3 Frank