Thursday, 11 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 11

Today I've moved out of the house a smidge but this object does live indoors sometimes. It is a life-size,  apparently realistic looking, plastic heron...

Here it is, perched by the side of our pond. Ever alert and vigilante, it ensures we see off those pesky real herons. You see, because we live between a waterpark and a river, it isn't unknown for these birds to fly overhead and notice that there is a snack-filled pond en-route. It has taken a lot of love and perseverance on Nick's part (not mine) to make this a haven for frogs, newts and toads. And these elegant birds can snaffle the lot up, in one sitting.

However, according to the experts on these matters, they are territorial creatures and won't land if they see a fellow heron already staking claim to the patch. But they're not stupid and can expect something is awry if the heron is always in the same place when they fly over. Which means, it's a daily ritual to pick up our plastic fraud and plonk him in a different spot at the pond's side each time.

Who knew that saving frogs lives could be so much faff? Then again, you should see us after a downpour, when our patio is covered in tiny baby frogs. With pieces of card, we rescue each and every one and place them back into the garden. Is this normal? Do you all wake up in the morning to move a plastic heron? Or is it just me?

Until tomorrow



Cath Wilson said...

He, he - definitely not normal - but I like it :-) Good to know I'm not the only nature loving nutter around x

Lindsay Mason said...

Paul, I love you more than ever now I know that you move the heron daily and scoop up froglets on pieces of card! I am really enjoying these sneaky peeks into your treasures and the stories behind them.
I owe you an email, a belated birthday card (holds head in shame) and the confession that I've lost your address. I will try to do better! Ribbit Ribbit.
Lindsay x x x

alexa said...

What a lovely, kind pair of human beings you are! :)

JoZart said...

I'm well amused! You are nice and I like you!
Jo x

mark gould said...

I have a feeling it might just be you ;) nah only kidding, Herons can be a real pain in the ......
although they do look damn funny when they perch up in a tree.