Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 17

Today I'm sharing a sentimental object. It's also one I designed and was handmade for me by a family friend  It's small, gold, supposed to adorn my finger but instead is kept safely tucked away...

This is a 21st birthday present from my parents. There is another piece, a dove, to be worn on a necklace, again designed by me. Well, that was the condition of the gift. I had to come up with the designs and a lovely guy, a friend of my parents, who made jewellery for a hobby, would make them.

It's not overly obvious from the photo but it's a broken heart, shaded on one side, with symbols representing male and female. In my pretentious, art-student head, I was trying to convey that black, white, boy or girl, the broken heart is stitched together with a 'equal' symbol. In other words, equality will hold us together. Well it was different from everyone else who wore CND badges. The dove of peace, the other item of jewellery, was in the same 'politically correct' vein. I was active in Amnesty International at the time so it all tied in. But hey, aren't we all a little bit more right-on and radical at that age? Where does that anger & indignation go as we age?

Until tomorrow



Neil said...

Oh the pretensions of youth; aren't they fun to look back on with the advantage of life experience? I think this has to be one my favourite of the things you've shared. I think it looks amazing.

Cath Wilson said...

Good question, Paul - where does it go? That kind of righteous anger should never be allowed to dissipate - it's good and it's necessary. Love your arty idea xxxxxxxx