Thursday, 18 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 18

Today I'm going to talk about addiction. One member of this household has a serious habit and one that is catered to on a regular basis. And the object? The jar containing the troublesome herb...

...for yes, inside this tiny jar, is enough catnip to keep our feline companion off his trolley for a month. We do have it growing fresh in the garden which is adored not only by our pet but by all the neighbouring cats. But though enjoyed, it's not the good stuff. The powerful stuff.

No, that's the dried variety we buy from the pet store. And roughly at about 9pm each evening, paws and claws seek our attention. Once he has our attention, it means one of three things. If he trots off in the direction of the kitchen, it's food, towards the french windows, to be let out or if lead to his scratching post, it's the contents of this jar.

A little is poured out onto the base of the scratching toy. It is then licked, rolled around in and consumed until we have one happy, blissed out cat on our hands. One day, an intervention may have to be called for. In the meantime, we keep a large bag of it around.

Until tomorrow



JoZart said...

Such a special treasure and I love your design with the story behind it.
I don't think that those feelings go but I think that age gives us the ability to channel our views and ideals in a more controlled way.
Jo x

Cath Wilson said...

Course I had to go Google Catnip - only heard of it from Mum when she had cats, but not being a cat fan, didn't know much about it. Still sounds a bit iffy to me, but then again, I suppose not much different from alcohol... strange, nonetheless and interesting x

alexa said...

Now that's an interesting object! I think I might have one like that filled with cholcoate truffles which result in a similarly blissed out state for their owner! Is Basil getting better now?

mark gould said...

lol, love it, Im a huge cat fan, I love watching them getting all hopped up on the stuff.