Saturday, 20 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 20

This object is a charity shop find. I don't usually trawl them for household items. But I do love to discover something I can transform and make some sort of art with. However, on this one occasion, I made an exception...

...for a key holder. And it wasn't an easy sell. To Nick that is. I loved it. But Nick doesn't like objects which are word based. Too kitsch for his taste. I disagree. But then, I have no problem with kitsch, when done right.

My solution, as a compromise, was to paint it the same cream colour as the wall it was to go on. We had some leftover in the cellar, so it was a doddle to match up. This meant it blended and was almost camouflaged. The subtlety won him over.

Trouble is, we then went and had the whole house painted white. However, he'd grown used to it by then and well, it is handy. He does at least know where to find his keys these days.

Gotta love those charity shops.

Until tomorrow



alexa said...

I bet it looks wonderfully elegant blended into the wall like that - and clear does the trick. It speaks about your ability to see beyond the surface, your persistence and your powers of persuasion!

Cath Wilson said...

Ha, ha - well done, you x