Friday, 19 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 19

You may have seen this object before. It made an appearance in one of my holiday posts a year or so ago. I may have found him in a local store but he ended up travelling to Paris with us...

It's Bigfoot! I've photoshopped the piccie but in real life he is a full on, bright pink, fun fur covered cutie.  He's about the size of a large grapefruit, with a giant plastic foot and has the unfortunate ability to shed his fur everywhere. And yes, you may have seen him as part of the scrapbook layouts made for our trip to Paris in 2011.

The idea was to photograph him around the capital, in front of all the attractions we visited. A nice idea but not one we stuck rigidly to. It became too troublesome to have to keep mopping the pink fur out of our rucsacs.

However, I shall always remember the time we took the bus from our hotel to the centre of Paris. It was crammed with French commuters, on their way to work & there we were, two nutty english guys, placing a pink toy on one of the seats and trying to photograph it, as the bus swerved and swayed through the busy streets. Let's say we made their day. They all spoke to us and laughed along and it was a terrific way to make friends. Don't let anyone tell you the French have no sense of humour.

Especially when the englishmen they meet are acting eccentric and old enough to know better.

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Cath Wilson said...

He, he - what a visual - can just imagine the reaction and yeah, they'd love it AND it would give 'em something else to criticise we Brits for. Brilliant x