Monday, 22 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 22

Today's object is proper found art. Yes, here I go again with the freebie/magpie fetish again. However I do really mean, in quite a literal sense, that it's found art. We found it. And it's hanging on our wall as a piece of abstract art...

We took a walk into the surrounding countryside of the Peak District, where, in a secluded spot, just behind a bridge, was evidence left behind of a car which had been set aflame. The vehicle itself had long since  been towed away but there was plenty of debris still left behind. Including this misshapen block of cooled, once-molten, metal. I couldn't tell you which bit of the car this comes from, but it obviously went liquid in the blaze and cooled into a rather fetching blob.

It's about the length of an average adult arm, long and snake like in shape and though it has quite some weight to it, was easy enough to smuggle into a rucsac and take home. It now hangs on a wall to be met with intrigue by any passing guests who happen to espy it. It's definitely a worthy talking point. Personally, I like to think that it's our contribution (or hommage) to the Dadaist movement. And you know what? It wouldn't look out of place if it was indeed hanging in Saatchi's gallery.

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Cath Wilson said...

If you say so, Paul - abstract is a good description :-) I do worry about you at times xxx

alexa said...

I thought initally it was a piece of ginger covered in silver paint! Interesting piece :).

JoZart said...

What a find! I think I would have snaffled that for myself. Quite a treasure and it shows how art is all around us.
Jo x