Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 24

Today's object is a chap I've mentioned before. In fact, I introduced him through a sketch I posted back in August here.

Yup, it's my teddy bear. Frayed, worn and shabby and as old as me. I couldn't document a month's worth of objects and not include him. He is, after all, my very first possession. And I know I'm not the only adult to still have their childhood teddy. Friends & acquaintances alike have all told me that theirs is still around and loved. Even my beautiful grown up goddaughter keeps cose to hand, Pink Pink, the teddy I bought her. And thanks to the brilliant artist, Grayson Perry, who's teddy, Alan Measles has been a muse for his art, there have been other famous names opening up about their cuddly companions. See here for instance. Alan even has his own twitter account and blog.

Now excuse me, I need to go and cuddle my bear for an hour or two and forget there's a big, nasty world out there.

Until tomorrow



JoZart said...

It takes a special person to keep a lovely bear so much and so long!
Bears are so very special....remember our quest to find another Baxter for the fraulein incase she lost him whilst she was in hospital?
Jo x

Frank Garcia said...

Omg adorable Paul! I gotta say I've enjoyed every picture you've posted, so personal and nice to peek into your life. Keep em coming!

Hugs! Frank

alexa said...

Very lovingly photographed and written - that's a super shot! I am sure that he is glad to be so cherished too.