Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 31 - The Final One

Happy Halloween!!! Today's object would have been on my list regardless but given that it's there, it felt appropriate to show it today...

It's my guilty pleasure. My love for horror. The photo shows a handful of my DVDs including my all time favourite and by far the scariest film ever made, The Haunting (the BW original that is).

When I was around 10, my parents took us on holiday to Italy. We stayed with friends and one evening, I did as I normally do, and looked over their book shelves. The one which grabbed my interest was The Rats by James Herbert. I  didn't know anything about him or the book at the time, nor it's notoriety. I sat on the bed and got through about half of it before it was discovered what I was up to. There was much fretting as the adult whose book it was, showed concern for all the ahem, sexy scenes, in there. Thankfully, my parents were okay about it.

When I returned to the UK, I started to buy and read the other novels by Mr Herbert. Then I discovered Stephen King and it spiralled from there. At school, I was well known as the boy with the horror fetish. I knew where all the naughty bits were in books too and it gave me a little notoriety. Everyone wanted to read those pages lol. My English teacher was thrilled by the mountain of books I read. He just wished I would improve my taste. Plus, I was a teen when VHS came to the market &  during the Video nasties panic where I had seen most of the banned films (which were pretty dire and of bad quality, rather than nasty).  And I subscribed to an american magazine, Fangoria, which is still going today. I basically lived for Horror. Still do. I read, watched & kept scrapbooks on everything to do with the horror genre. I had ideas of becoming a special effects make up artist or an author.

I always thought I was a lone weirdo for this particular hobby of mine until one day, along came The League of Gentlemen, who just happened to film their creepy series where I lived, in Hadfield. These four guys, my age, grew up and watched and read and were equally addicted to horror. I've read or listened to interviews they've given and nod my head in recognition of their childhoods and inspirations. Yes, I shout at the radio, I used to do that too.  Or I saw that at the same time. Yes I read that classic. I now know I was far from alone.

Nowadays, there's the Horror Channel on TV and I can begin most weekends, eating breakfast and watching a creature feature or serial slasher movie that I've previously taped. Ironically, in real life, I faint at the sight of blood, despite the bucket loads I've seen on screen.

If you've been following these telling objects this month, I hope it's been entertaining. It's certainly been fun to come up with them. It's been a good exercise in finishing something that I start. To be committed and not miss a single day.

It's been a blast. Tomorrow is a new month and different challenges await.

Till Next Time



Neil said...

Somehow I thought that something like that would pop up today! I know you've said before that you like horror; I don't. I love Fantasy, not the wishy washy kind but rather more earthy and substantial. I've enjoyed your sharing so thank you. Though I've not commented everyday I've seen plenty that I could quite happily relocate to my place (So if I ever do get the chance to visit you'd better check before I leave!)
Hope you have a good afternoon

Cath Wilson said...

Yuk! Each to his own, lol.

It's been really good to read about you and your history, Paul - fascinating little windows to the real you. Thank you for sharing yourself so freely. I'll miss these x

alexa said...

It's been lovely to have a greater peep inside both your home and you! I am constantly amazed that with all your love of horror and the ghoulish you are the supernice person you are :). Looking forward to whatever is next too ...

Justie said...

I like Horror too. I enjoy Hollween and Friday the 13th films and Nightmare on Elm St films too. Hope your Hollween going good so far.

Dotpat said...

Very interesting Paul, you and my daughter would get on well she loves horror books too. I also have a friend who loves making horror masks and is very clever at it

Jocelyn said...

Paul.. I so enjoyed your month of Telling Objects. I can't believe it's bee a month already. The stories behind the objects were very interesting. This was as good a read as any I've ever read. I couldn't wait to log on the next day to see what thing had caught your attention. These items give great insite to the person you are and and the stories that made you that person. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

mark gould said...

I feel kind of sad that the 31 days are over, It has been a great insight into your world and a nice and refreshing look at blog posts.
vrey cool selection of horror movies, will have to give the haunting a go. Love to have the hmmm hmmm scared out of me.

Vicki Hootman said...

I wish there were more days in a month, I didn't want this to end! Every day was like a present from you, Paul! Thank you so much for sharing your personal stories and photos of such important items to you. You certainly have inspired me to want to do the same, so I think I shall begin right now. If I wait I will make an excuse to " do it tomorrow". My girls need to know that the items that are most important to me, have either been given to me or found never bought. Thank you so much for showing me a wonderful and meaningful way to document and celebrate those truly important items.

mark gould said...

Thanks for stopping by Paul, I meant to give you and butterfly a shout out as it was you guys that reminded me that you can paint with the distress pads.
so whats been going on since the 31 days?