Thursday, 8 November 2012

Starting the Ball Rolling

Cripes, a week has already passed since my last post. Time is running away with me. So I thought I'd better post something before you start worrying whether Nick has buried me under the patio, finally.

Well, my mojo and I have taken a holiday during October. It was great fun doing the 31 Objects challenge and thank you to everyone who read them and those who left kind and encouraging comments too.

Trouble is, I haven't done anything creative for a few weeks now. In truth, I've been feeling a bit burnt out. So rather than fight it, I took a break. Not that I was completely idle in my spare time. I've taken a couple of online classes and spent my hours playing and practicing. Which was all great fun but not stuff that is blogworthy.  Frustratingly, getting back in the saddle is proving harder than I thought.

So in an effort to start the ball rolling, I sat down and put together an art journal page.

In my time away from crafting, I've been looking up different styles of art journal pages, soaking them up and finding out which ones appeal to me. And from what I have perused over, it seems that Teesha Moore is the original and biggest influence on the current designs of pages. They are bright, colourful, quirky in their collaged images and lead the way in how journaling is added.

And yes, to start adding something, anything, to my art journal, I turned to Teesha and made an imitative page. It has wings, hats, funny eyes and swirled lines of writing. Yes all the typical elements are there. But it's a good place to start. I'll need to make a few more before hopefully seeing more of my own personal style being added to the mix.

Right, off to open a tube of paint. These pages aren't going to colour themselves.

Hope you are all staying good friends with your own mojos.




Neil said...

Hi Paul. That's a fun page. Quirky and interesting. Didn't think you were into art journalling; or is this your fist tip toe into the water? By the way, thanks for your comment on my configurations; glad you liked it. I'd be more than happy to do workshops up your side of the country, any excuse to play! Maybe next time I'm up there we can arrange a get together with Jozart and co?
Have fun painting your pages anyway, it's one of my favourite things to do in a journal. Make backgrounds.

mark gould said...

Great page Paul, striking lines and shapes draw you in,really like the collaged image, things with wings work for me, I went as far as getting some tattooed on my back lol.
I think I might have to research the whole journalling thing a bit more, My mind goes blank when looking to create a page and I think lettering is my nemsis ;)
I like how your letters just flow from one line to the next regardless of it being mid word.

Frank Garcia said...

WOW Paul so creative! Love that page, so fun, love the words and that body...oops did I say that out loud? I meant the composition body....haha! Kidding! What a great page, so glad to see you crafting again!

Hugs! Frank

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Mark you'll have to post a picture of your wings on your blog - I love tattoos, though I don't have any myself. The gorgeous Gizzi Erskine has a fantastic set of wings on her back too. Looks amazing.

alexa said...

Lovely to see you trying out something new ... and looking forward to seeing more. Hoping you feel a bit less "stuck in a rut" soon. (It doesn't show by the way!).

Neet said...

What a fun page you have done - I love the writing too - just my style.

Hugs, Neet xx

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, missed this...
I think you've done a really good job of adding your own little twist to Teesha's inimitable style - love it. I love some of the Zetti stuff and have a signed drawing from the amazing Teesha - she makes it all look so easy, doesn't she? Great to see you play xxx

Michele said...

Fab page, Paul! I love Teesha's work too x