Saturday, 6 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 6

Today is an object I've had around for years, which I purchased from the same company that sells those inspirational corporate posters you may have seen around. You know the ones, they have a beautiful bold coloured photo, usually something around nature, with an inspirational word or quote underneath. Well, in the catalogue that we used to have lying around work, I happened upon this...

It's a rotational calendar with a quote a day, which can be used every single year. And it has. It's even survived a couple of floods, as a few telling pages with dirty splashes and watermarks, on the days they occurred, will attest. But, ironically, the quotes are rarely glanced. It's more of a ritualistic habit I have, to walk into my area of work and start the day by flipping over the calendar, as I sit down at my desk. I note the date and that's all. In fact the only one I recall, without looking at it, is the one right at the beginning, on January 1st: "Carpe Diem".

Until tomorrow



Cath Wilson said...

I LOVE inspirational quotes, even if I don't always agree with or believe them, lol. Another lovely little insight x

alexa said...

That's a pretty container/organiser of quotes! You have an eye for lovely things. Clearly you've been so busy seizing the day, you don't get much time to read beyond the 1st Jan :). I do like this one.