Friday, 5 October 2012

Art & Paper at a Fab new Exhibition

Welcome one and all to another entry for today. Well, just because I'm blogging my 31 objects, I'm not going to forget all my other projects and you never know, I might actually get around to making something crafty. But not today. For it's all about art and yes...

...another entry for my Book of Firsts.  For this morning saw the opening of a new exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery, The First Cut. And if you love your paper arts and you live nearby, it is a MUST. Believe me you won't be disappointed.

There are intricately cut out papers and books of all kinds. There are paper sculptures, some on a large scale, others which are minuscule and intricate. There's a gun & a grenade made from paper and a motorbike, to scale.

And best of all, if, like me, you're a regular visitor, you'll discover that they've revamped the place. It's had a bit of a makeover and the art is not all where you expect it to be. And they have a few new acquisitions, including a Bansky!

But by far the best exhibit was found next to my favourite painting. It's a stunning dress that as you walk towards it, looks as if it's made from fur. It wasn't until I was up close to it, could I see that it was actually leather, pierced with thousands of shiny pins.

This alone is worth the trip out. And for those of you who aren't lucky enough to live in these cold damp parts, take a look at the video here and you'll see why I went WOW!!!

Treat yourself peeps. Best of all, it's FREE & it runs until January 27th.



alexa said...

Looks extraordinary, and thank-you for the heads up - I will be going!

Justie said...

Looks like neat place. I like the gun shaped in "money" very cool. Hope you enjoyed your Friday.

kjjc said...

ooo I look forward to this.

Jodie Lee Designs said...

wowee! My carpel tunnel is acting up just watching her pin all those pins!!! What an amazing artist!

Cath Wilson said...

Bet that was fascinating - Jo would have loved it. Amazing effect with the dress but especially like the sculptures x