Monday, 8 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 8

I came across this object when I visited the home of someone, who, just in case, had best remain anonymous. It's only a couple of inches high, made from clay and I think it's absolutely wonderful. I just fell in love at first sight with it's perfectly froggy expression. It's so sad and imploring.

However, the owner of the frog hated it. It had been given to them as a gift and had been politely received whilst inwardly thinking what the heck is this awful thing and where on earth can I put it without it becoming a part of my home?. So it was plonked, hidden away in the smallest room in the house. Then one day, I turned up & just in casual conversation, on returning from the room it was deposited in, I happened to remark on how much I liked this weird, quirky creature and found myself becoming it's new owner. In fact, my fondness for this sweet, unloved critter was met with much incredulity to begin with.

And yes, I'm beginning to see a pattern to the objects I own of an ornamental nature. Other than the cube from day one, I haven't had to pay a penny for them. And I can see, from the list in front of me, that a few others, yet to come, are equally frugal in their acquisition. There's definitely a magpie'ish nature to the decor in this house.

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Justie said...

I like it glad it found a "new" home of love with you, lol.

alexa said...

I love its expression too! He was clearly meant to come and live with someone who loved and appreciated him :).

Cath Wilson said...

I have a few 'ornaments' acquired that way, lol - one a frog, too!