Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 9

Yesterday I remarked at how I "acquired" rather than bought most of the objects which have made it onto my list for this project and today is no exception. It's a book which I "borrowed" from my dear papa when I was a late teen, still living at home.

This particular edition was published in 1952 and is the best book I've read on how to think clearly when tackling issues of the day. It uses political speeches to show up how arguments are muddied and twisted over time and the traps you can fall into. For example, there's a chapter on Potted Thinking and I still see this happen. It's where a person reads a headline or no further than the first paragraph and then forms their whole opinion around it. And yes, sometimes I catch myself doing that too before I mentally administer a slap. It's worse when you see politicians doing it.

The book is not a light read. I had to go over some pages several times before it sunk in. It helped that I'd also learnt how to Mindmap at the time and could condense the contents into a clearer format. And the other reason, I am so fond of this book, is that it takes me back to my first year in art college, studying photography. I would spend my lunch hour, sitting in a graveyard (which was so delightfully quiet & peaceful & from which I have memorable tales that can not be told here haha), in the autumn chill, munching on my homemade sandwiches and reading books like this.

So, as I mentioned at the beginning, this was once my Dad's book (if you're reading this NO you can't have it back), which means it's a freebie & one I'll always treasure.

Until tomorrow



Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, sounds like a real treasure and a real must have :-) Potted Thinking - unfortunately, I do that most of the time, depending on what it is, of course. I hear something then my mind goes off at a tangent. Am tempted to look it up. Can't believe you actually try to master your thinking to that extent. Won't ask about the graveyard, either... xxx

JoZart said...

Such a gem and a treasure. I bet you gain something fresh from it each time you open the pages.
Jo x

Neet said...

What an interesting sounding book. Something I would read on holiday (yes, I would) when my mind is clear and there are not a thousand things to distract me whilst I am chilling.

Hugs, Neet (missing you) xx

alexa said...

That looks like a wonderful read and I so love these vintage covers ... I've seen similar books more recently but this looks like it does the business clearly and simply. Our parents had some good ideas!