Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Day to Play

After hiding away for the last few months, I actually made it out of the house and attended a craft group today. It was so good to catch up with friends and most unusually, I managed to make something. A rarity at these events as I normally come away with nothing 'cept my stomach filled with tea and biscuits.

In preparation, I'd already painted a handful of backgrounds in my art journal, with acrylic ink before heading out. Which made for light packing, I can tell you. A few magazines, a pair of scissors, some pens and glue. And that's all I needed. Such a change from the norm where I attempt to drag half my craft room along with me.

Loving my acrylic inks, as I learn how to use them. They're a bit on the bright side for my tastes but I've gone and bought some white and grey, so I can have a play at mixing them in to soften the vibrancy.

Nothing so wildly different in the format of this page. It was within my comfort zone but then, it was easier to do so when away from my crafty habitat at home. A bit of collage, a quote and some doodling. And it was unbelievably relaxing to create. Plus  it's incredibly addictive. I highly recommend it. As Cath mentioned in a comment on a recent post, this takes me back to the art of making Altered Books. I used to love dabbling in them. I think art journaling is rekindling my enthusiasm again.

Until next time


kjjc said...

Ok so firstly I need to know which acrylic inks did you go for? then I have to say I love the sentiment on this-great. I won't comment on you going out today and not yesterday :-(

JoZart said...

I know how it is to go to a class without bags of gear, it is a rare freedom. I did it last week at the lino printing workshop I attended and I loved it.
So sorry I just missed you today but we were delayed with a traffic jam. So frustrating.
I do love your page, both the character and the statement. The eye's sppok me and made me think of the quote, "There's none so blind as those who will not see".
It is so striking artistically.
Lv Jo x

Neil said...

Morning Paul. Another great page. I'm with Jo on the spooky eyes! The first thing I noticed when I saw your picture! Glad you had a good day at the crop. Great sentiment too!

alexa said...

Delighted to hear you had such a relaxing and fulfilling time and so sorry to have missed it (and all of you). :( Your mojo is clearly being rekindled at the rate of knots!

Cath Wilson said...

I know that feeling - going back to being 'me'.... must go back to read what you said - comments have intrigued me and I confess I didn't even read it, oops :-( xxx

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, I didn't read it and I got a mention, lol - it does that to me, too - rekindles my love of playing for the sake of playing... sometimes. Glad you got out - must try that... xxx

Justie said...

Very interesting artwork. I like it. I never really heard of acrylic inks. It like a pen but you use it as a watercolor paint brush?

mark gould said...

Another great page,
Have you got a link for the acrylic inks? I am guessing they are different from acrylic paints?
they look like they give a nice smooth finish?
you are going to have a really cool journal when its done. mark

Neet said...

and I witnessed it growing. Amazing how you chose your pictures and then extended it to this fab page.
Hugs, Neet xx